How do you make a solar powered device?

Curiosity is the spark behind every great idea. If you are interested in learning how clean energy works, and especially, how to make solar powered products, here is a handful of tips, inspiration and necessary information on the topic. 

How to make solar powered products?

The best way to learn all about the process is to direct the question to professionals. After all solar companies do it every day and know the details of setting up a successful solar installation. If you asked a solar company employee, they might not be necessarily the ones actually producing their solar powered products. The panels or other appliances they install are might be manufactured at a special plant, where a usual process is followed.

Solar (or photovoltaic, PV) panels are made of silicon, a substance derived from the chemical element that can be found in many places, especially in the sand. When silicon is melted into cylinder-like shape, and enriched with borum, the end products are worked on and sliced into wafers. These, once put together in a grid and covered in phosphorus, will form a solar cell. From now on the road is simple. Solar powered products such as solar panels consist of solar cells put together in a matrix-like form. A panel has to be secured and can be put on a special frame, as well as connected in a proper manner, but the process is more or less complete at this stage.

DIY approach

It might not be possible for you to build a solar panel like the one described above, but some other solar powered products are within your reach. How about building your very own solar charger? 

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Solar powered products are not the easiest to make. To make things simple, you can use a ready-made portable solar panel, for instance a 0.5W one. Following some online tutorials you may find a list of necessary products to set up the device. Most of them include USB DC-DC converters, battery holders with a switch, rechargeable batteries, switching diodes and usually a tin to store your solar powered product. You will also need some tools – a lead solder, a soldering iron, some shears, glue and tape. 

By assembling the above, you will get a DIY version of a solar powered product that might be used to charge a phone or some other small devices. It sure sounds like fun if you enjoy pottering about!

Solar powered device – go for professional ones

In order to be sure that your appliances work properly and in a safe manner, we strongly advise you to choose professional services of licensed companies. They will be able to address your needs in terms of solar powered products and answer all the questions. Making stuff is exciting, but getting a reliable source of renewable energy might be an even better experience, trust us!