FIFA World Cup 2022: Best Football Players and Their Favourite Watches

FIFA World Cup 2022 is a headline at the moment because of its global popularity. This time we have 32 teams lined up for the cup and players from all over the world. Not only that, this world cup has some of the most famous players the audience is rooting for. Apart from Ronaldo and Messi, other popular players who have qualified for the world cup are– Neymar, Mbappe, Vinicius Jr., and Luka Modric– to name a few.

All these players have a bunch of prized possessions that are super expensive. Brands like Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Rolex, etc., are among the brands these football players own. This article will discuss the best football players and their favourite watches. We’ll also look at the typical specifications of the watches and players who’ve collaborated with big brands. Let’s dive into it.

Karim Benzema

French footballer and striker, Karim Mostafa Benzema, is one of the top players in his team. His reputation as a world-class striker is known far and wide. Looking at his diverse watch collection, one that outshines the rest is the Rolex Submariner “Hulk”.

Named after a beloved comic book character, the Hulk is green in colour with a silver bracelet. The bezel and the dial colour are green, which perfectly balances the wristband. There’s also a date window beside 3 o’clock displayed in white. Other features of the watch are a 40mm case steel, a green ceramic bezel, high legibility, and other supreme functions.

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Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne is a Belgian professional football player who plays as a midfielder for the national team. Apart from being a great football player, he also has an extensive watch collection. His collection of watches includes the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph. The model is quite prominent and extremely classy.

Kevin’s model has a black dial and silver sub dial that exudes elegance from its first look. The dial has a Grande Tapisserie pattern with a grey tint and a bracelet-type wristband. The colour of the wristband and the subdials are similar. It also exhibits a date window at the bottom right corner. The watch’s overall look is swanky and sophisticated and can be worn on any occasion.


Neymar is a Brazilian professional football player with a long list of accomplishments at a young age. Because of his popularity worldwide, the player receives endorsement offers from global brands.

He has collaborated with Gaga Milano, and the watch model he owns is specifically known as Neymar Jr, Limited Edition GaGa Milano. Some specialities about this watch are the similarity of taste between Neymar and GaGa, an all-black theme.

The model has exceptional designs and a Paris Saint-Germain attacker’s signature on the back of the case. It also has a black PVD case, floating stones inside the potholes, and a glossy appearance.

Luka Modric

Another top player that carries luxurious watches is Luka Modric. He is a professional Croatian footballer and the national team captain. Talking about one of his finest picks, it has to be the Rolex-GMT II.

The timepiece showcases two different time zones simultaneously. It has two contrasting coloured bezels that grab the attention of the first impression. Moreover, it possesses fine details, a bracelet-like wristband, and a luminescent appearance. The overall look is quite impressive and affluent.

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Vinicius Junior

Another Brazilian player, Vinicius Junior, has teamed up with many high-end watch brands. He plays as a winger for Real Madrid and the national team. Like Neymar, he also possesses his own watch model named– Vinicius Jr. GaGa Milano collection. He eventually became the brand ambassador of GaGa Milano, which has an extremely limited collection dedicated to him.

The watch has some of the most impressive features, making it unique and swanky. Looking at the aesthetics, the watch is set all-black with a metallic mechanism on the dial. The numerals are displayed uniquely and have a thin bezel encircling the dial.

The theme is based on a skeleton with a PVD gun steel case and a carbon bezel. The wristband is black with a criss-cross pattern, which resembles the bezel.

Son Heung-Min

Son Heung-Min is a South Korean football player who plays as a forward for Tottenham Hotspur and is a Captain of the South Korean National team. The watch he owns is very expensive and has a sophisticated look. It belongs to the brand Tag Heuer Formula 1.

The collection has polished aesthetics and is made of steel. The timepiece is designed to be standard and is paired with a bracelet wristband. Because of its subtlety, it can be worn on any occasion. Other features making the collection captivating are that all models come in different shades that increase the variety for their wearer, and each complements the wristband.

Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane is a Senegalese football player who plays as a forward for Bayern Munich and the Senegal national team. The player owns one of the most expensive watches that look elegant and vintage. One of the brands in his watch collection is the Patek Philippe Nautilus. The watch can be worn on any occasion because of its sophisticated and classy design.

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This watch collection is made of metal, and the watch’s overall look resembles a gold bracelet. Going a little more in-depth about the watch’s features, the Patek Philippe Nautilus collection comes with a squared dial with curved boundaries. The dial and the wristband come in two variants– either of the same colours or contrasting colours.

This watch’s signature feature is the representation of numerals on the dial with a luminescent coating.

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