Factors to Consider When Choosing Car Colour


You have not yet purchased your car as you are already thinking about reselling. 75% of new cars are currently white, gray, or black. It is certainly not very original, but buyers have their reason: resale. Indeed, an orange car will probably find buyers more complicated than a gray car as suggested by Auto Detailing Idaho Falls.

But manufacturers also offer timeless colors, which enhance the lines of a car. On the second-hand market, gray cars are drowned in the mass, and all look alike; this does not optimize the chances of selling faster. So, indulge yourself! Dare to color, but never go to extremes. There are great colors that are very sought after, like the Sirius yellow from Renault.


If there is one purely subjective notion, it is the choice of color. Some would not imagine a Mercedes of another color than the eternal gray, with black interior. Others will prefer an interior cream burgundy.

The most important thing from Car Detailing Idaho Falls to advise is that a car you like that its color makes it even more desirable to you and suits you—a sporty car in a flashy tone that’s in no way disturbing. There are also the sure values, the historic colors of the manufacturers, such as Alfa Romeo red, Corvette yellow, or Ferrari red. It is a guarantee not to make mistakes!

This fashion phenomenon also consists of giving color to small cars by playing on the sides playful and fun. And why not?


To keep your car looking clean most of the time, you’ll need to either purchase a Blue Elephant subscription or choose a low-mess color.

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Black is known to be very messy. It’s true, but white is even more so. Tar stains stand out very clearly, and rigorous maintenance is essential, or your car quickly loses its beauty.

The Cost:

Generally, manufacturers offer opaque white paint as standard for their customers to Discover Everlasting. Sometimes an opaque black, a red, or even a yellow are offered as standard. For all the others (including gray), you have to go through the options box.

Good point; colors are rarely more expensive than shades of gray, with a few exceptions, such as colors that require more coats of paint for more depth. Riding in a car dressed in a sumptuous blue full of reflections will, therefore, not necessarily cost you more than the gray of your neighbor’s minivan.

Tip: If your budget is limited, opaque white is a good alternative. If necessary, indulge yourself among the metallic paints on offer.


You have undoubtedly noticed it in the street, some paint age very badly, it happens that the varnish peels and dulls a body. If some paints are known to age poorly, this is only known after 5 to 10 years. It is, therefore, challenging to take it into account in the case of a new car.

More generally, it is the use you make of a car that will condition its aging. Putting her to sleep in a garage will reduce the moon (and the sun). Your car will also be less exposed to small urban shocks, which weaken the paintwork structure.

On the other hand, a small impact is indeed less visible on a gray car. Should we give in to classicism? Up to you!

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