Everything you need to know about pipe coupling

Pipe coupling is used to connect two pipes.  A pipe coupling is very important because the fitting is used to join two pipes together to maintain the continuity in the connection. If the size of the two pipes is not uniform, then the fitting used is called reducing coupling.

A pipe coupling is used in both piping and plumbing operations. It is a very short length of pipe with female pipe threads at both the ends that allows two pipes to be joined together. Pipe couplings are pipe fittings that help to extend pipe runs.

Simple guidance on coupling as pipe fitting

  • A pipe coupling is commonly used in piping and plumbing operations and it can also be used to change the size of the pipe. It is used to repair a broken pipe and a leaking pipe.
  • Most pipe installation needs several lengths of pipe to be joined together and it also requires a quick method of connecting the sections of the pipe while maintaining the integrity of pipes involved in this process.
  • The body of a pipe coupling is made of either the same materials as that of the pipes it joins and they may be flexible depending on the amount of movement of the pipe. Pipe coupling includes some features like flow meters, valves, and inspection openings. PVC pipe priceis less when compared to other types.

Categories of pipe couplings

A pipe coupling is divided into two main categories.

  • Permanent pipe coupling
  • Removable pipe coupling.

Permanent pipe coupling

Permanent coupling makes use of soldering in the case of steel and copper pipes. If it is properly installed, it offers excellent rigidity and sealing where no future changes in the pipe couplings are foreseen.

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Removable pipe coupling

Removal coupling is most often of a thread design which allows them to be screwed onto the pipes to be joined together. The most simple of this removable coupling method is a basic pipe selection and it is slightly larger than the pipes to be joined together and cut with an internal thread. Both ends of the pipes are also threaded and the coupling is sealed with a sealing tape and screwed onto both pipes.

Types of pipe couplings

A pipe coupling is classified into three types and it is given below:

Full coupling

It is used for connecting small bore pipes and used to connect pipe to pipe or pipe to swage. It can be threaded at both ends of the pipe. Socket weld full coupling is mainly used to join small bore pipes. Threaded full coupling is used to join small bore pipes with the threaded ends. If the two ends of the pipe coupling are not similar, then it is referred to as an adapter.

Half coupling

It is used for small-bore branching from large bore pipes. It can be socket type or threaded type. It has a threaded end on only one side.

Reducing coupling

This coupling is used to connect pipes of different diameters. It is typically used where the small process feeder lines are joined into larger supply circuits. You can prefer PVC pipes for pipe coupling and PVC pipe price is less expensive than CPVC and both the materials are cheaper than iron and copper pipes.

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Bottom line

When compared to other piping supplies, pipe couplings are one of the important components that you do not find yourself with a low inventory when you are trying to maintain a smooth-running system. It also saves your valuable time and money by preventing mishaps and leaks.