Driving or Flying – Which Is the Best Option to Travel from Michigan To Arizona

Both driving and flying have their perks and choosing which method is best for you depends on you. Driving is convenient for most people who love road trips and want to go long distances while driving. Some people love losing themselves to the beauty of the place they are traveling to and this is possible only when they are driving.

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Driving time

The total driving time is 29 hours and 6 minutes where your trip starts from Michigan and it will end in Arizona. If you are planning for a road trip, check out some hotels on the way where you can spend the night also. 

You will find many hotels halfway road from Michigan to Arizona. You can calculate the total cost based on the current local gas prices and an estimate to be made based on the mileage of the car. 

Driving time calculator

Find out the best time of moving from one state to another and if you can find some short roads in between, that turns out to be amazing. Websites are helping you find out the best travel zones. Compare all your results with the flight time calculator and check out which one is a great method for you.


Flying time

The duration of the flight is 3 hours and 40 minutes. It is assumed based on the speed of commercial flights at 500 mph that is equal to 434 knots in total. It includes the extra 30 minutes on take-off and landing. The exact time might be different based on different wind levels.

When you are planning a trip by flying, remember to add time even at the taxi gates and while departure. Only the actual flying time is 3 hours. If there is a rush at the gate, it can be more than that. Get a factor of all the flight times and the time you will arrive at your destination.

Flight time calculator

The flight time calculator gives you an idea about the approximate time taken to visit Arizona. It uses the great circle formula for completing the travel mileage. The database makes use of circle, points, and average speed for telling how long a typical flight would take. Find out about your travel estimates and then choose the flight ordeal.


Driving or flying ultimately depends on what you are planning to use. Both are best and if you want to reach Arizona sooner, take the flight route. If you want to chill and visit Arizona, take the road route. Make a schedule of when to reach Arizona and why you are visiting Arizona. Stay ahead of time always!