Criteria for Choosing the Best Piano Movers

Moving your piano to a new home or in the same house is not an easy activity to do the same way you would easily move old furniture. The piano has pedals, wires, and costly components to replace if they break. This musical instrument is also heavy, weighing up to 1000 pounds. Therefore, hiring a professional piano moving company is best to protect your favorite instrument. Consider the aspects below when hiring the best piano movers Los Angeles-based.


Find out the qualifications of piano moving companies that you come across on your online search or from referrals you get. Find out if the company has a team of qualified staff that specializes in piano moving services.

Ask for Quotations 

Plan your piano moving project by getting quotes from several service providers. Note the distance you need to move the piano, then search for the average rate of moving the piano within your area.


Reading reviews before hiring a piano moving company will help you narrow your list of piano movers. Reviews are comments from past customers with first-hand experience dealing with the company. The company you hire should have many positive recommendations from satisfied customers.

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