Breathe Freely: 4 FAQs About a Disinfection Fogger Machine in Singapore Worth Knowing 

A disinfectant fogger machine in Singapore applies disinfectants and other liquid solutions more thoroughly and efficiently than other disinfection methods. In my experience, the high demand for these devices stems from the fact that they have proven to be the ideal tool for tackling the daunting task of disinfecting and cleaning surfaces and environments during this difficult and stressful time. And in this guide, I have listed the frequently asked questions I’ve encountered when purchasing an air purifier.

1. What is Fogging?

In my experience, the capabilities of a fogger machine surpass those of a typical spray bottle by a significant margin. I used to struggle to reach difficult areas of a room to disinfect it thoroughly. The pandemic compelled me to acquire a disinfectant fogging machine that elevates conventional disinfecting to a higher level. My disinfectant fogging machine in Singapore generates a wide-reaching mist that covers high-traffic and difficult-to-reach surfaces with a single application of a disinfectant. Fogging with disinfectants is effective in spaces of any size, from a studio apartment to a large office.

During disinfectant fogging, tiny droplets of disinfectant get sprayed throughout a room. And to be effective, the fog, mist, or disinfectant must reach a specific concentration for a specified amount of time. As hazardous aerosolised microparticles can be absorbed by the human body much more quickly and in greater quantities than larger particles, only fog machine solutions approved for fogging are suitable.

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2. How Does Fogging Work?

When I brought my alcohol-free disinfectant fogger home, I discovered that it converts a liquid antimicrobial solution into a vapour. The vapour is then distributed to the desired areas by a fan. As more fog dispersed in my home, a dense mist or fog-like atmosphere developed. I quickly learned that the fogging application covers everything it touches, including surfaces, floors, and hard-to-reach areas. Fogging with disinfectant is also effective against airborne pathogens as it travels through the air and lands on a surface. After disinfection, all hard surfaces get wiped to remove any remaining solution. A home or business that has recently been disinfected needs observation for at least six hours after fogging.

3. Why Fog? What Problem Does it Solve?

The concept of owning an alcohol-free disinfectant fogger machine is that I do not need to wipe surfaces in my home after application, saving me a great deal of time. Fogging helped me solve a significant problem regarding the disinfection of electronics, moisture-sensitive materials, and surfaces because it evaporates quickly. And if you’re using a thermal fogger, the fog is applied dry, allowing my family to continue using their devices, surfaces, or objects without fear of damage.

4. What Type of Disinfectant Should I Use for Fogging Machines?

I prefer to use a water-based disinfectant solution for my air sanitizer and fogger machines, such as Environize Anolyte Disinfectant, Vital Oxide Disinfectant, or Ultra-Lyte Disinfectant. And these are my preferred disinfectant solutions because they have the correct chemical composition to eliminate viruses and germs on surfaces.