Bicycle Trailer for Babies – It Can Be Safe Only If You Know How

The topic about bicycle trailer for babies has created a controversy. Some parents believe that it is safe and it can actually help the baby to see the world. Some, however, believe that such a trailer is risky, no matter how hard you try to keep the baby safe. For them, the trailer will remain one of the most dangerous items – babies should stay away from it! But what is the actual fact about it?

One Year Regulation

First thing first: According to BabyMonitorsRev, You need to use your head and common sense, especially when it comes to caring for your baby. That’s why it is crucial that parents can only use the bicycle trailer after the baby is one year old. It is never safe to tag along your less-than-one-year baby everywhere you go, especially tucking them in the trailer. And there is a good reason for it, really.

You see, all parents know that babies have a spot soft in their head, which is likely to get (head) damage and injury than adults. As for the bicycle trailer, which is designed to be close to the ground so long distance fall won’t happen, the catch is to sacrifice the shock absorption and vibration dampening. It is safe to say that carrying the baby inside the trailer over bumpy roads will lead to direct shudder and vibrations. And it is your baby who will suffer the consequences. 

Imagine if the baby is less than one year. Can you imagine the possibility of head bumps or unknown injuries that may happen to them? Such bouncy motion for very young infant can lead to bigger issues, such as mental handicaps, later. 

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Does it mean that using the bicycle trailer is unsafe? Well, not necessarily. If you are able to stay on the main smooth road, where bumps are less likely, then it is pretty safe. Moreover, your baby should be able to sit upright first. Even if it is one year old, but it still can’t sit upright, then you shouldn’t take it strolling around with the trailer.  

You should also choose a trailer that has a lot of padding and foam dampening. And it doesn’t hurt if you also add more soft padding and pillows, especially on the hard surfaces. It would provide a plush barrier between them and your baby. To improve the safety, the baby should be stable with the upright position. That’s why harness and buckles are also important. They should be able to make the baby stay in a firm position without suffocating it. 

Riding Smart

Just because the baby is in the trailer, it doesn’t mean that they will be left unharmed if anything happens. Don’t forget about the possible bumps. Babies should wear helmets too, preferably the ones that fit nicely with their small heads. So, it’s not only you who wear the helmet but also the baby. It’s better late than sorry.

And you may want to ride carefully and slowly. Choose smooth roads with fewer cars than the main road with hundreds of cars. And don’t ride when it is raining or foggy. It will limit your visibility and the slippery road won’t be much of a help. 

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The bicycle trailer doesn’t have to be a death machine if you know how to use it correctly and wisely. It is a safe item, but only if you arrange it that way. Be smart. Be logical. And have a safe ride!