Purchasing a new vehicle can be an extremely exciting moment for you. You probably don’t want your vehicle to change; appearance as well as performance-wise. Although you may not be able to get your car to look new, there are a few things you can do to maintain the looks and the performance of your vehicle. While a strong engine will enhance the performance of your car, paint protective film will prevent unnecessary scratches on it. So here we shall take a look at everything you need to know about the paint protective film.

  • These automotive protective films go by several names, such as clear mask, clear bra, invisible shield, etc. The most primary and basic task of the paint protection film is that it keeps your car protected from all kinds of damages. It is perhaps the smartest defense you can establish between your car and all the scratches. These films have a great capacity to resist impact and it is this impact resistance that turns out to be quite effective for your car.
  • One major thing to know here is that, not only will the protective film safeguard your vehicle from scratches caused by rocks and road debris, but it is also highly effective against acidic contaminants and corrosion. To simply put it, these films defend your car from chemical stains or etching caused by bird droppings, bug splatters, or even acid rains for that matter.
  • The film that protects your car from all the damages is made of urethane, which is the key component in making the film. Urethane is a strong, versatile polymer, made of carbamate links. One common reason why urethane is used in paint protective films is that it is transparent as well as lightweight, making it the ideal ingredient of the paint protection film.

A high-quality paint protective film must have at least two layers. The topmost layer is lined with a clear coat made up of elastomeric polymers. The bottom layer, of a high-quality protection film, is lined with an acrylic adhesive, which makes the film easily flexible. So it is the urethane that makes the paint protective film durable as well as transparent.

Therefore, one must install these automotive protective films on their vehicles to avoid unnecessary damages and scratches. This is where Proshield car protection film provides the ultimate impact resistance for your car against all odds.