An overview of adhesive and its properties

The adhesive is a substance that is used for holding materials together in a functional manner by a surface attachment that resists separation. The adhesive is also known as paste, mucilage, cement or glue and it is a non-metallic substance.

 The natural adhesive is made from organic sources like natural resins, animals, vegetable starch. It is also called as bio adhesives.  If you look for granite flooring to your home you have to select the best adhesive for granite that lasts long for much time.

Properties of adhesive

Selecting a structural strength adhesive for a particular application requ

ires the performance criteria of several characteristics. Some of the properties of the adhesive are listed below:

  1. Time to handling strength
  2. Degree of surface preparation is necessary
  3. Viscosity for pumping and staying in the place after application.

Environmental resistance

The adhesive has the ability to withstand at a range of temperatures in case of any physical shock. It maintains performance despite exposure to saltwater, UV light and other weathering conditions. It also resists end-use temperatures to maintain the physical bond and adhesive chemistry.

Factors to consider before purchasing granite 

There are several factors you need to consider before purchasing granite for your home is given below:

Color variations

Color is an important thing and it brings beauty to the stone and if you look for a uniform material, you can also suggest an alternative material. Granite comes in several colors ranging from black to white and about everything in between. You can select an array of colors at global granites.


Consider location

You should take special consideration of the location you wish to have granite installed. There are many varieties in granite tile including flamed, brushed and polished. If you want to purchase all-purpose flooring, you can buy a honed flooring tile.

Resists heat, strains, and scratches

Granite will resistant to heat strains and scratches. You should make sure and seal your granite based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

An overview of granite

Natural stone flooring is durable, luxurious, and beautiful and it adds value to your home, and one of the most popular and best natural stone flooring material is granite. Granite is made up of minerals like feldspar and quartz which contribute to its characteristic sparkle. It can be used in nearly any part of your home and it comes in both matte slabs and honed as well as brushed shiny tiles.

Installation of granite flooring

One important consideration before you install granite for flooring your home is the installation process. Installing granite is a difficult task and an expensive process due to the weight of the stone and the expertise needed to install it properly. Materials needed for granite flooring such as drills, wet saws, galvanized screws, mortar, sealant, etc. select the best adhesive for granite flooring and it should withstand for all weather conditions.

The bottom line

To maintain your granite floor in tip-top shape, occasional mopping and regular sweeping should be done often. Make use of the above-mentioned information about granite flooring and they are the simple steps can that can be applied to the maintenance of any type of flooring material.

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