An A Plus Outline for Planning a New School

Successful K-12 schools base operations around a framework of sound educational practices, local-community collaboration and visionary thinking, among other select attributes. The latter quality often leads established educational institutions to consider opening new buildings to accommodate emerging educational plans and philosophies. Planning for groundbreaking new schools requires leaders to structure a process that will result in a school that functions at the forefront for decades to come.

Preliminary Ideas

As a school’s principal or director, you will be part of any executive committee discussion on emerging pedagogical trends. The germination for new-school planning should start with those in leadership who will have a pulse on the needs of the school. Develop a rationale for building a new school, that is a template, upon which to base further discussions.

Expert Guidance

Next, you will need to take your ideas and questions to architects who hold expertise in educational campus planning. As a consequence, you can ascertain the steps for moving forward within the parameters you have already established. The consultation and eventual partnership will be the basis for molding your initial considerations into a viable, exciting plan as you work through the continuing stages of the process.

School Community Input

In most cases, the architectural team will hold meetings with teachers, administrators, parents and students to gather information about working desires. Whether the architects organize these front-line gatherings or your leadership teams schedule and run them, the outcomes will be important for uncovering the teaching and administrating needs that can sometimes get lost among the glitzy ideas.


Finally, you should present preliminary plans to all constituents before finally signing off on them. You don’t want to start amending your plans down the road. This is critical because any change orders will lead to significant cost increases.

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Education at its best is organic, a process of continual change and renewal. New school construction can provide an exciting vehicle for a particular institution’s rebirth or development. The key is to plan carefully and in partnership with experts who know how to create a stellar educational hub for your community.