Advantages Of Direct Debit Payments

Direct debiting gives you different benefits that you may not be aware of. Below we will mention some of them for you to choose this solution even as you check my vanilla visa balance

You Will Save Time

You will not have to go to the bank or branches of your services to make payments every month. You will only have to check your account statement to verify that the corresponding movements have been made.

Payment Flexibility

Another advantage of direct debit payments is the payment flexibility that you will have: you have the option to choose the amount you want to contribute to any of your services and even pay a minimum of the amount you owe. It is an excellent option to manage the payments you need to make without going to the branch of your services.

You Won’t Be Late

Many times due to lack of time or organization with our expenses we cannot pay on time and this causes us to get into debt or have to pay more than planned. If you choose to domicile payments for your basic services, you will have no problem and you will always pay on time, with the convenience of not waiting in lines.

There are no commissions

Most banks do not charge direct debit fees, you can settle your expenses without paying an extra charge. We recommend that you check first with the bank of your credit card so that you do not have any inconvenience.

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In some companies you can get discounts, thanks to the fact that you settle your expenses on time. This will help your economy improve and you can better organize payments for your services.

You can cancel

You have the option to cancel the direct debit payment whenever you want. And this will be suspended within a maximum period of three days after making the request.