A Guide to Better Bites and Smiles in Tarzana, California

Dr. Kanani established Around the Corner Dental Health Spa to deliver cosmetic, implant, and restorative dentistry. The practice uses the latest advancements and equipment to save your teeth and entire dental formula while considering your general well-being. If you are in California, you can upgrade the quality of your smile and bite at the hands of Dr. Kanani.

Around the Corner Dental Health Spa

Around the Corner Dental Health Spa is located in Tarzana, California. The practice was established by Kaveh Kanani, DDS, in 2001 to deliver comprehensive dental care to the diverse community of Los Angeles, California.

Around the Corner Dental Health Spa aims at creating a family-oriented and relaxing environment for its clients. Upon visiting them, friendly and welcoming staff that serves you diligently welcome you to the modern dental office.

Around the Corner Dental Health Spa has modern offices that offer state of the art technology to patients through services like on-site CT scans and x-rays. You can also get dental health treatments like implants, laser gum therapy, emergency dentistry, gum disease treatment, and painless tooth extractions.

Around the Corner Dental Health Spa’s significant credentials include being a PerioProtect certified provider, an Invisalign certified provider, and licensed in oral conscious sedation. The practice is also certified in implant dentistry and laser teeth whitening by the American Dental Implant Institutes (ADII) and Tatum Institute International.

Services Offered at Around the Corner Dental Health Spa

Services offered at Around the Corner Dental Health Spa include;

  •       Implants

Dr. Kanani uses cone beam CT scans and digital x-rays to design your dental implant placement plan. He uses flap-less/ drill-less surgery for less pain and long-lasting results.

  •   Gum disease treatment

Dr. Kanani uses gum disease treatments like laser gum treatment, PerioProtect®, scaling, and root planing. Your treatment is customized to account for individual differences.

  •   Invisalign

Invisalign aligners are comfortable, clear, and straighten teeth in six to eighteen months. Dr. Kanani takes accurate digital impressions and photos to draft a personalized treatment plan within the Invisalign software, after which you get a new set of aligners every two weeks.

  •   Laser gum surgery

Dr. Kanani is a sedation specialist offering laser gum surgery to rid you of excess gum tissue, gum disease, tongue-tie, infected implants, growths, and facilitates successful biopsies.

  •   Tooth extractions

Visit Dr. Kanani if you have tooth decay or damaged teeth that need saving. Your dentist reviews x-rays to determine the best extraction and anesthesia for you.

  •   All On 4

Dr. Kanani combines CT scans and digital x-rays for an accurate and painless process. You can wear temporary dentures while the mouth heals following your surgery.

  •   Sedation dentistry

Dr. Kanani’s Sedation dentistry includes the use of Nitrous oxide, twilight sleep/conscious sedation, or general anesthesia for patients with dental phobia.

  •   Emergency dentistry

Dr. Kanani offers dental emergency services for knocked-out teeth, cracked teeth, bitten tongue, bitten lip, toothaches, etc. You can book same-day appointments for immediate assistance.

  •   Veneers

Dr. Kanani evaluates each tooth to determine the best plan for improving your cosmetic concerns. You can get a dental bridge, dental crown, or a bridge/ implant-supported crown for comprehensive results from veneers.

Bottom Line

For a cosmetic, implant, or general dentistry in California, you should consider visiting Dr. Kanani at Around the Corner Dental Health Spa. Call the practice or book an appointment to learn more about dental services that could benefit you today and years to come.