80s Nostalgia: Why I Looked For Arcade Machine Rental for My 50th Birthday

Celebrating birthdays is one of my yearly resolutions to appreciate my life achievements. It made me more aware of the importance of being thoughtful and grateful. On top of this, I’ve stayed on earth for four decades. And I have experienced so much in life, from career progression to romance. So, my 50th birthday is all about dedicating to my roots, which is the 1980s. Of course, people who grew up during the 80s know how famous the arcade basketball machine is for kids, teenagers, and even adults. I wanted this to be a party with my long-time friends and family. I rented a venue and celebrated my 50th birthday with an arcade machine rental. To bring back the nostalgia, here are the reasons why I decided on an arcade machine games-themed party.

80s Nostalgia: Why I Looked For Arcade Machine Rental for My 50th Birthday

Life is full of celebrations. That’s what I realised as I reached my 50s. Looking back, I’ve had many blessings from a good family, friends, and my love for myself. For this reason, I decided to celebrate this momentous occasion. I was thankful for reaching this stage in my life as I live longer. So, I dedicated my 50th birthday to my childhood and cherishing my beginnings. The 1980s was a memorable year because I grew up playing arcade games. So, here’s why I looked for arcade machine rental in Singapore.

1) Brought Back Good Memories

I invited my good friends from our former neighbourhood. I remembered how we were so young and didn’t care for the world. All we did was play arcade games. So, installing shooting arcade games brought back so many good memories of when we cherished our childhood.

2) A More Interactive Party

I didn’t want to bore my guests, so I wanted my party to be interactive and fun. For this reason, I looked for an arcade machine rental so the guests could play. I could see my friends enjoying themselves with my family members. It encouraged conversation and interaction aside from just sitting in one corner.

3) A Nostalgic Event

Nostalgia is a good feeling because you can remember memories from the past. That’s what I did for my birthday party, and I still clearly remember how my friends enjoyed eating cotton candy after school. Of course, I included a cotton candy machine to relive the time we enjoyed eating sweet treats after class.

4) Encouraged Bonding Among Guests and Old Friends

I wanted my party to encourage my guests and old friends to bond. It’s all about being together and appreciating our friendship throughout time. Luckily, the arcade machine rental in Singapore inspired the guests to be more interactive. I didn’t want my guests to sit and watch some performances because it could be boring.

5) Get In Touch With Inner Child

Sometimes, we all feel embarrassed to get in touch with our inner child because it looks weird to an adult. However, there are days when we can reminisce about our past and remember the most cherished memories. For this reason, I looked for arcade machine rental so we could embrace our inner child.
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