5 reasons why to see a periodontist for Your gum Health

A periodontist is a dental expert who diagnoses and treats underlying gum conditions. If you have underlying gum problems, visit a Woodbridge periodontist. Still not sure why visiting a periodontist is essential for maintaining the health of your gums? Fret not as we are here. This article highlights the top 5 reasons to see a periodontist. So, here we go!

Reasons to visit a periodontist for your gum health 

1. Swollen gums 

There are several reasons for swollen gums. Some common reasons for bleeding gums are: 

  • Rough brushing 
  • Hard tooth bristle 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Dental trauma and more. 

If you constantly notice changes in your gum colors and texture, you should head to a periodontist. They will detect any underlying infection and recommend a tailored solution. 

2. Persistent bad breath 

Although there are different reasons for bad breath. These include: 

  • Improper dental cleaning
  • Consuming garlic

If the bad breath does not go away from brushing, you must consult a Periodontist.

3. Tooth sensitivity 

Do you feel intense pain while eating or drinking anything too cold or too hot? As gum disease progresses, your teeth experience another level of tooth sensitivity. This happens because of the gum recession. It exposes the roots of your teeth. In such a situation, there is a throbbing pain every time you put something in your mouth. 

4. Aching and tender gum 

Gingivitis is responsible for aching and tender gum. If left untreated, this inflammation increases, forming pockets in and around your teeth. This causes extreme pain in your teeth. It is recommended not to ignore signs of pain and bleeding. In such a situation, you must see a periodontist immediately. 

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5. Changes in bite alignment 

Do you notice any changes in your bite alignment? If yes, it is a major reason why you should visit a periodontist for your gum health. Such a shift usually occurs due to advanced periodontal disease, loosening your teeth. Thus, necessary medical assistance is vital. 

Wrapping up 

If you are noticing these signs and symptoms within your gum, you must book your appointment with a doctor now!