5 Platner Chair layouts plucked straight from Pinterest

The Platner Chair is stunning in its own right, but when paired with a beautiful interior layout it becomes even more eye-catching. If you’re looking for such inspirations regarding this chair, then you can take a look at the list below. We’ve compiled gorgeous inspirations and layouts that feel like they’ve been plucked straight from a Pinterest board. Let’s take a look:

  1. The urban chic dining space


This beautiful dining space features a highly refined charcoal-slate color scheme that has been contrasted beautifully by the gilded wire frame of the Platner Chair. The picture windows in the background stop the furniture and color scheme from feeling too dull and the plants on the top add a beautiful organic touch to the whole space. The whole combination of furniture, accessories, rugs, and styling makes this layout feel incredibly photogenic and stunning to be in.

  1. Keeping to the background


You can make the Platner Chair a nice backdrop for your layout. By featuring several gorgeous decoration pieces in the foreground, you can create a stunning imagery that will make your Platner Chair so much more visually interesting. The key concept here is to create diversity in all the décor that you choose. Some of the vases can be glass, others can be plastic, while some of the things can be ceramic. You can make things even more unique by filling up the vases with beautiful planters, dry arrangements, and other such décor items. Then place the Platner Chair in the background and you’ll have a picture-perfect set-up.

  1. Sprucing up the corridor
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This stunning layout idea is perfect for articulating in your corridors and foyers. You just need the right amount of contrast in your Platner Chair finishes. If your background is bright and vivacious, the Platner Chair can be dull and dramatic. If the backdrop is a little grey in mood, then the chair can be bright and gilded. By creating such stark contrast between the background and foreground, you’ll get yourself a beautiful space that will look straight out of a Pinterest board.

  1. Minimalist dining area


You can design a stunning minimalist-Zen dining room by pairing up the Platner Chair with simple furniture. If you look at this image, you’ll notice the seamless and cleanly chosen surfaces. Their warm contrast is complemented by the artful selection of the Platner Chairs and their gilded wire structures. The space not only looks like a Pinterest mood-board, but also evokes a highly serene aura that you can experience even from the picture itself.

  1. A stylish dining nook


Dining nooks are way more stylish and space-friendly instead of full-sized dining areas. You can make the most of your own by taking inspiration from this image. The use of the Platner Style Chair makes the typical design infinitely trendier. The color black brings out the best in this layout and it’s highly easy to imitate in your own home layout. You’ll definitely have a blast recreating this Pinterest-inspired layout in your home.

These unique and innovative ideas featuring the Platner Chair definitely help bring new flavors to the space. They’ll help you further beautify your homes and make the most of the simplest of spaces.

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