5 Awesome Tips to Become a Successful Leader

Have you ever thought how a guy next door turns out to be a great success while even after immense hard work some people with great potential fail miserably? The question is not how popular you were or how many degrees you acquired; it is instead if you were a “Great leader”. What makes these people stand out in the crowd. How some people can successfully grow up a ladder and shape up not only theirs but other’s life too?

What makes these leaders who they are? Well, all it takes is will power to be a successful business leader – a people’s person.

Listen and observe:

You aren’t going to find a hidden diary of your employee to tell you about him, you aren’t getting an opportunity to overhear his secret conversation!! If you want to be a great leader then you will have to observe. Observe what makes your employee excited, what makes them motivated, what makes them behave the way they do. A little observance can actually help you connect with them better.

Lead by example:

Be the one you would follow if you want others to follow you. Have you heard “kids don’t do what they are told to, they do what they see”? That’s exactly how most of the adults do as well, especially at their workplace. If you want your team to take responsibilities then it’s you who has to take initiative. If you want your employees to feel connected to your business, then you have to make efforts to get connected with them. If you want people to be punctual, then you have to do it yourself first.

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Successful leaders like Richard Warke and others have major impacts on not only the team members they lead, but also their company as a whole. Richard Warke is a Vancouver-based business executive and Chairman of Augusta Group with more than three decades of experience in the international resource sector.

“Team members who work under Effective leaders tend to be more productive and more connected to their company – and this has a ripple outcome that reaches your business’s bottom line” says Skye Schooley.

Build trust:

Trust doesn’t come overnight you have to earn it. As much exciting as it might appear, you have to stop taking credit for everything your team does. You have to make them feel valued, and give them the due credit for them to believe you. Human beings naturally give their best around the people they are connected with. The foremost step to build that level of trust and connect is to get engaged in your team’s day to day life – with a marginal distance of course. No matter how busy your schedule is, always have some time to sit with your team in order to explain to them their roles and responsibilities, give them an opportunity to tell you any stumbling block they might be experiencing.

Recover from failures:

Easier said than done, you have to rebuild yourself after a failure because the next challenge wouldn’t give you enough time. The best way to recover from a failure is to learn from the past, and find out ways to improve yourself. Take advice from people of different backgrounds and diverse perspectives to recover.

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When you are not just meeting new people, but staying connected with them you are doing yourself two favors at the same time. Increasing your network not only helps people know you but it also helps you look at the landscape outside your restricted approach. Be curious to know their experiences, insights, and thoughts.

it’s very important for you to leave an impression on people you meet so that its easy for them to remember you because that is what the great leader’s impact is.

 So, keep practicing amazing tips to enjoy the journey of becoming a great leader.