3 Things That Damage Your Business’s Online Reputation and How to Fix Them

In today’s age of technology, every other start-up is simply based on and around the concept of shifting businesses from the real world to the infinite virtual landscapes of the internet. The World of businesses is evolving since the last decade. We have come a far away from commerce to e-commerce from markets to e-markets and so on. It has been observed that the most reputable firms and brands are vying to establish their online presence in more and more compelling ways, since this is the future of our global economy.

In such a scenario, building and maintaining one’s online reputation is of utmost importance. It takes a lot of hard work and hard-earned money to build the online reputation of the business. After all these efforts, one cannot simply let these factors harm the reputation of the online business.

The following are the elements due to which irreparable damage may be inflicted upon a business’s online reputation on how to fix it.

Inconsistent Social Media Presence:

In a proactive social media world just creating an online business account or website on various Social media platforms are not going to get the work done. The next step after shifting your business online is posting engaging content and interacting with the audience amicably. The thing which is usually noticed is the abandonment of such online platforms due to various reasons. But this negligence of social media presence can hamper the growth of business online. Which would have potentially aided in the growth of the business. As most of the potential customers who would have come looking for the brand would end up being disappointed and disconnected.

Following are the practices to pursue:

  • Establishing a compelling Social Media Presence,
  • Posting without fail at times when there’s the probability of the customers being active online.
  • Try to engage customers by starting conversations.
  • Identify friendly brands and try establishing mutually-benefitting deals.

Ineffective Website:

A website is the storefront of an online business. It pretty much decides that for how long the customer will be there and will she/he will buy the product or service being offered at the website. It goes without saying, that it should be attractive, engaging, and must have the ability to draw in the customer. Failing to comply with the standard can incur a loss to the potential business opportunity and online reputation. Additionally, it may also result in indirect degrade web rankings (indirectly), which will, in turn, result in lost sales opportunities.

Things that should be kept in mind are:

  • Keeping end-customers in mind while drafting website copy.
  • Focusing on what difference the product/service can make in the customers’ lives, instead of bragging about features and specifications.
  • Provide value to the reader by giving something to take away or act on once they leave the website.

Negative Online Coverage:

A negative PR or any other social media post can have a direct and degrading impact on the reputation of a brand. If a potential customer sees an article or social media post relating to the business or brand, where someone has negatively portrayed the image of the business, the potential customer gets lost in seconds.

Hence, it is strongly advised to keep a close eye on what is being said about the brand online. For example, taking action on complaints board or ripoff report removal which can help in erasing negative content that promotes the negative online reputation. Neglecting negative coverage by major publications in the industry can prove disastrous to the brand’s online reputation.