3 Great Ways To Give Your Front Porch a Quick Update

3 Great Ways To Give Your Front Porch a Quick Update

Wondering how you can enhance the appearance of your home to impress your friends and neighbors? Start by giving your front porch a makeover. If you want to upgrade your front porch and inject some curb appeal to your property, here are three improvement projects that you shouldn’t hesitate to complete.

  1. Update Porch Lighting

Dated lighting can make an otherwise gorgeous porch look tired and unsightly. Swap out your current exterior lights with modern exterior lighting Tampa. Start by installing a new sconce or two to flank your door. Also, consider adding spotlights to your yard and point them at the front porch. Lights from different angles turn any exterior feature into an attractive focal point. Bathing your front porch in lots of light will instantly make your home look more inviting to all of your guests.

  1. Refresh the Front Door

A front door is a focal point for every house – when you arrive at someone’s home, notice how your eye can’t help but go right to it. If you have a wooden front door, don’t replace it. Give it a fresh coat of stain and sealant, followed by the installation of new hardware in a contemporary finish like brushed brass or beaten iron.

  1. Add Plant Life

It’s no secret that injecting a bit of color can transform any interior or exterior space. Potted plants are a perfect accent for any porch. It’s best to use a variety of annuals – they’re cheap so you’ll be able to get a lot of bang for your buck. Incorporating plants into the design of your front porch also will hide any unsightly damage that you may have on your stoop.

It doesn’t take a complete overhaul to give your porch a modern update, just a few key changes will do the trick. Follow these tips and you’ll feel confident that your porch is ready to make a welcoming first impression on your guests.


Daniel Pauly