10 Perth Kitchen Renovations That Don’t Add Value: A Critical Guide

When it comes to Perth kitchen renovations, Perth, with its rich culture and beautiful landscapes, is trend central. However, not every Perth kitchen renovation will necessarily be a good investment on the real estate market. In fact, some popular renovations actually drop the value of your home. This article points to ten kitchen renovation ideas that may not provide the return on investment anticipated overall, despite being popular in the market. From mistaken designs to impractical layouts, we’ll show you why these Perth kitchen renovations might not be the best choice for your kitchen.

  1. Oversized Islands

Large kitchen islands are often the hallmark of a desirable modern kitchen – not least in the spacious homes which Perth has on offer. However, going overboard with size can be counterproductive: In smaller kitchens, an oversized island could make things feel cramped and disrupt the flow of movement. Moreover, if the island lacks functionality or suitable seating arrangements, it may not justify the space it occupies.

  1. Trendy Backsplash Designs

Fads for motifs come and go, and while it’s tempting to embrace the latest fashions, they may not last. Bold patterns or colours might initially attract some buyers but can quickly become outdated, necessitating a further renovation sooner than expected. So, when it comes to holding onto value over time, classic kitchen designs with a timeless backsplash is a safer choice.

  1. Excessive Customisation

Custom cabinetry and distinctive design features will add character to your kitchen. However, carving your own path with these too much can restrict the pool of possible buyers for a sale. Perth’s real estate market is highly varied and not everyone will appreciate strange layouts or specialised functions. Striking a balance between individuality and universal appeal is essential to achieving the highest possible price when reselling; that way your renovation work will be rewarded with higher profit.

  1. Neglecting Functionality
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Surprisingly, a lot of homes have been making the mistake of constantly trading functionality for beauty for a while now. For instance, installing designer fixtures and high-end equipment in the kitchen might be exhilarating, but most people still believe that their inability to complete the task ruins the aesthetic appeal of the space. Therefore, despite their attractive appearance and ability to evoke pride of ownership, these products will simply be seen as wasted expenditures if they don’t facilitate cooking and cleaning, which will also result in a dirty atmosphere. Practical factors usually take precedence, including sufficient lighting, effective productivity, and enough of storage. 

  1. Sacrificing Storage Space

The tendency among Perth homeowners is to select open-concept designs, yet this can lead to significant reductions in available storage area at times. While creating an open and inviting atmosphere is important, getting rid of Perth kitchen cabinets and pantry space might not only lower the quality of life for your immediate family but also dissuade future buyers who do care about organisation and storage solutions for wasting time having to install new ones. It’s important to find the right balance between public and private areas.

  1. Neglecting Lighting

Due to the abundance of sunlight in Perth, lighting is even more important for kitchens here than in other cities. Unfortunately, some homeowners overlook this aspect altogether; they outfit their kitchens with nothing but decorative fixtures, completely ignoring the practical issue of illuminating the space where work is done. As a result they find themselves working in a dim and even gloomy atmosphere which does nothing for the appeal of their kitchen on general principle. A mix of overhead (ambient) or general background, directional or task and accent lighting will give you a bright, open kitchen space that welcomes people in.

  1. Overlooking Energy Efficiency
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With increasing energy prices and growing environmental concerns, energy-efficient appliances and fixtures have become increasingly popular. Failing to switch to an energy-efficient model not only dismantles your gas or power bill but also makes the kitchen less attractive to eco-conscious buyers. The investment in energy-saving features shows a commitment to sustainability and can enhance the perceived value of your home.

  1. Ignoring the Surrounding Décor

A kitchen renovation should echo the style and architecture of the existing home as well as the surrounding decor. However, some homeowners ignore this and opt for designs that clash with the house’s sense of itself. This leads to disjointed property values and marketability: A classically-designed Victorian home with modern industrial kitchens inside, or the opposite.

  1. DIY Disasters

While DIY projects can be a money-saving idea,they can also be a shortcut to shoddy work and inferior quality. Amateur installations or poor craftsmanship will not only result in a kitchen that is lacking in functionality and beauty, but also raise red flags for anyone hoping to sell. If you employ professional contractors, however, not only will they do the job properly but also with a guarantee of quality workmanship that is clean and tidy. The upshot from all this is higher standards so that no expensive mistakes can detract from the value you’ve put into your home.

  1. Neglecting the Neighbourhood Norms

Lastly, it’s important to consider what the future buyers who live around your neighbourhood will want. What sells in one Perth suburb may not necessarily appeal to those in another. By ignoring local trends and tastes, your potential buyers might be turned off and you may have a hard time getting back what you’ve put in to renovate. Adapting renovating plans with an eye to local fashions and preferences will cover a wider spectrum of the market, making long-term resale prospects brighter.

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In Summary

Perth kitchen renovations have much to offer the homeowner who wants to remodel his food preparation area. Not all renovations are created equal, however, and some may fail simply because they don’t provide the expected return on investment. By avoiding the mistakes listed in this article and paying attention to timeless designs, practical functionality and local trends, you can ensure that your restaurant kitchen renovation becomes a lasting asset of your Perth home. Be it traditional kitchen designs, commercial kitchens or bespoke joinery, careful planning and faultless execution are the keys to a successful and profitable renovation project.