You Must Know This Before Your Injectable Fillers Treatment

You Must Know This Before Your Injectable Fillers Treatment

Injectable fillers have gained popularity in recent days all over the world. Many individuals are on the lookout to reverse the aging process and maintain a youthful appearance. Do not be left behind. Fort Worth fillers specialists at Polavarapu Plastic Surgery, PLLC, can help you understand how you can soften those facial wrinkles and creases, enhance shallow contours, enjoy plump lips, and restore youthfulness to your face through dermal fillers. The injectable fillers can offer you incredible benefits similar to facelift surgery, only that you won’t have to undergo surgery. However, note the following as you seek out the treatment.

The Fillers are Temporal

Although dermal fillers can help you rejuvenate your appearance and give a youthful look, it is not permanent. You will have to undergo several treatments to maintain your results. Generally, dermal fillers will last for about 5 to 18 months, depending on the particular type used. This is because your body can safely break them down over time and absorb them, reversing the results. However, combining dermal filler treatment with other treatment options such as Botox can maximize the results’ lasting duration.

Collagen Growth is Stimulated

Nothing will ever be more effective than if your body can regain its natural abilities. Things such as age and environmental factors stop your body from producing the natural collagens that are significant to your skin appearance as you age. Fortunately, dermal fillers treatment can stimulate collagen growth at the site of injection. This means that you might require more minor treatments and use fewer skincare products to achieve your desired results.

It is Not Just Your Face

Although dermal fillers are commonly known to help improve your facial appearance, it is good to know they can be used for other purposes in other areas of your body. Some typical fillers can be used to hide veins and smooth wrinkles in your hands. Others can be used to fill out droopy earlobes, particularly if you desire to wear heavier and bigger earrings.

Dermal Fillers Can be Natural

Note that some dermal fillers available today are natural. Hyaluronic acid and collagen occur naturally within your body, are naturally derived, and have been approved to be used as dermal fillers. Besides, your provider can also use your natural fillers such as fat by extracting them from other parts of the body, mainly your flank and love handles, and injecting them into the treatment area.

Results Can be Immediate

A dermal filler injection treatment is performed at your provider’s office as an outpatient procedure. Before the injection, a topical cream can be used to numb the treatment area. After the injection, you should observe results immediately. However, you might require repetitive treatments to maintain the results, depending on your aesthetic goals. Your provider might recommend yearly treatments as natural fillers can last a year or more in most cases. However, if it is your first time getting the treatment, your provider can recommend the treatment twice a year.

There is more to learn about dermal fillers. It would be good to hear it from the experts at Polavarapu Plastic Surgery, PLLC, who will help you make informed decisions and take you through achieving your aesthetic goals through injectable fillers. Contact the providers today and take a step towards getting a youthful appearance.

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