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Why Is It Important To Prepare For A Game?

When you see Wimbledon champions like Djokovic or Kerber walk out on court for their warm-ups, they’re not really warming-up. They’re warming up the fans more than they are warming up the players. The few short warm-ups and brief warm-ups are more about the players getting to know each other on the court and getting used to each other’s style of play.

All professional tennis players know that the real hard work begins long before the fans start to cheer. Could you do the same for your body and your game? In the sport of tennis, winning matches and avoiding injuries is just as much a part of the game as it is of the game itself. The sport demands immediate reactions, speed and power, constant change of direction, so you need to be on-point mentally and physically.

Going into a match with a cold body can leave us vulnerable to attack and prone to picking up injuries. Warm-ups are a good way to spend your time. If you played with plastic as a kid, you probably remember how difficult it was to shape when it was cold. The same is true when it comes to your muscles. If you stretch them out too far or too fast, you run the risk of strains, tears, pulls and that dreaded tennis elbow! To minimise the risk of injury and injury off court, follow these tips on warming up your body.

The first step is to gradually increase your heart rate by running around the court. Skip a few circuits if you want to get ready for the ‘bounce’ action in the match. Once your heart rate is up and you’re starting to sweat, switch to dynamic stretching. This is the part of the workout where your muscles aren’t fully stretched, so you don’t want to do static stretches.

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Tennis-style movements are especially great for dynamic stretching. Try some arm swing, lunging, high step, squat and ground reach movements. These will release your muscles and activate the fast-twitch fibers. At the end of the warm-up session, hit the ball through the court and exaggerate your strokes. It’s always a good idea to leave any serve until the end as it puts the most pressure on your muscles.

Even with the best warm-up techniques, injuries can still happen. Slips, awkward twists and falls, and repetitive overuse of any muscle or joint can leave you in trouble. If it could happen to Andy Murray during the Grand Slam, it could happen to any one of us.

The downside of sports injuries is that it can leave you not only in pain but also financially drained. Taking time off from work and making physiotherapy or chiropractor visits can quickly add up to your fitness. And also it’s important to have good sports insurance to protect yourself in the event of an injury.

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