A birthday is an important event that everyone will never forget, so most people will make this moment even more memorable by having a party or just giving and receiving gifts. One of the commonly identified things with birthdays is gifts. Gifts express the feelings of affection of both the giver and the recipient, where the forms themselves range from birthday flowers, toiletries, and many more.

Each gift certainly has its meaning, including if you give flowers. Of the many gift choices in this world, flowers are one of the most romantic gifts you can give to your lover or loved one. Every flower also has an implied meaning in it, so you can’t just give any flowers to be used as birthday gifts.

Birthday Flowers and Their Meanings

The flowers you give will convey a message in accordance with the meaning of flowers, so choosing the right flower is essential to pay attention to. Here are some choices of birthday flowers and their purposes that you can make as a reference for an attractive birthday gift.


Gerbera is a flower that has many colors, where each color has a different meaning or meaning. The gerbera’s basic definition describes a close friendship, innocence, joy and represents pure love, so this flower is very suitable to be given to celebrate happy moments for those closest to you. Gerbera arrangements can be given to both women and men, regardless of the age of the person who will receive them.

Gerbera also has dense petals, so they are lovely when arranged and combined with various colors. You can choose bright colors such as pink, yellow, and red for those who have friends or relatives with brave and cheerful characters. For those with a graceful and elegant personality, then you can choose white gerbera flowers.

  1. Tulip

Similar to other flowers, tulips also have a variety of colors that have different meanings.

White: humility, chastity, and innocence.

Red: deep love

Orange: happiness and warmth

Yellow: cheerfulness and close friendship

  1. Orchids

Another birthday flower recommendation for you is orchids. The orchid is a type of flower with exotic and stunning characteristics, and its care is not too difficult. This flower, which means beauty, love, and strength, conveys the message of love and friendship with your best friend.

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Apart from being friends, orchids are also perfect gifts for your mother.

White orchids symbolize respect, purity, innocence, elegance, and beauty. Purple orchids symbolize love, beauty, and strength, which are perfect for celebrating your mother’s birthday. Green orchids symbolize luck and blessings, nature, health and longevity.

Did you know that each month has its own representative flowers? That said, the month of birth can show a person’s personality. And each flower also has its own character that can represent a person’s character. In this article, we will discuss the types of flowers based on the month of birth. So, by knowing a person’s birth month, you can choose what kind of flower is suitable for them. Curious to know what kind of flower your birth month represents? Let’s look at the list.

  1. January: Carnation

Carnation (Dianthus Caryophyllus) for January. Carnation flowers or commonly called carnations, are beautiful flowers that are identical to their multi-layered petals. Soft carnation colors symbolize something feminine, perfect for describing the personalities of people born in January. This flower, which is also often used as a winter birth flower, comes in various colors.

This flower symbolizes attraction, admiration, love, and difference. Usually, this person is practical, disciplined, and has a personality that is responsible and reliable.

      2.  February: Iris

Iris flower has the meaning of loyalty, faith, and wisdom. With purple petals growing facing upwards, it represents the character of people born in February.

The Iris flower’s three petals symbolize faith, courage, wisdom, friendship, respect, hope, and praise. In Greek, Iris means rainbow. Like February, which is synonymous with the month of colorful love.

The dark blue or purple iris represents royalty, while the yellow iris symbolizes passion. Iris can also express courage and admiration.

  1. March: Daffodil

This flower symbolizes a new beginning or rebirth, respect, appreciation, and unrequited love. Daffodils also promise hope, joy, joy and optimism. This bright yellow fragrant flower is believed to give a new spirit. In China, daffodils are even believed to bring good luck or luck. Daffodil flower arrangements are suitable for celebrating joyful occasions such as a new child, new home, or new job.

  1. April: Daisy
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That said, the daisy or Bellis Perennis is the incarnation of graceful and charming fairies. This flower symbolizes purity, cheerfulness, sincerity and sympathy.

This daisy, which consists of white, red, and orange colors, has the meaning of loyalty, tenderness, and purity. Each color in this birthday flower has a different meaning. The white color symbolizes loyalty and innocence, while the red color symbolizes beauty, sincerity, and love. The orange daisy itself represents enthusiasm and joy. You can choose a red daisy if the gift is intended for a couple. Also, daisy is usually used by a man when he wants to propose to his lover.

  1. May: Lily

The lily flower is symbolized as the birth flower in May because this beautiful and fragrant flower grows a lot in May. No wonder it is sometimes referred to as a ‘may lily’ flower.

As an elegant flower, the lily also has a deep meaning, namely purity, purity, charm, elegance, and modesty. Besides, this flower is also believed to bring luck in love. That’s why the lily bouquet is one of the best birthday gift recommendations for mothers, lovers, or friends. You can choose your lily bouquet from gift delivery Singapore, and our team will deliver it to the recipient’s door safely!

  1. June: Roses

June is the month of the rose. Cleopatra’s story prepared a room filled with roses to Mark Anthony and the story of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love. She offered roses to Eros to adequately illustrate that roses symbolize the greatness and sanctity of love.

Roses also have many colors with different meanings. But this rose itself represents romance and love, so this rose is suitable to be given to people you care about. If you want to give it to your lover, red roses will be the right choice as a gift.

  1. July: Delphinium

Delphinium, or it can also be called the larkspur flower, is a symbol for those born in July. This flower, which represents an open, vibrant and carefree feeling, has a soft color and a refreshing aroma that grows to fill its erect stems.

A colorful Delphinium bouquet can reveal a distinctive natural beauty. This flower is shaped like a spear covered with a wreath. It can be an ideal symbol for victory.

  1. 8. August: Gladiolus
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Gladiolus is symbolized as the birth flower in August because this flower grows around August. The bright-colored flowers are large, growing solidly with sturdy stems. This flower means a firm stance, generosity, sincerity and memories. Gladiolus represents a symbol of strength of character, marriage and family. It is a perfect gift to your mother or wife.

  1. September: Daisies

Daisies usually grow in the fall. In ancient times, when the petals of daisies were burned, it was said that their aroma repelled evil. The Aster flower, which grows wild but has a beautiful appearance, is associated with magical powers and is symbolized as timeless elegance.

Aster means the flower of patience, refinement of love, and luck. This September birth flower is known as the binder of love, a symbol of eternity and elegance.

  1. October: Marigold / Calendula

October is Marigold or Calendula month. Christians called the marigold “Mary’s gold,” which means the gold of the Virgin Mary. This golden flower has the meaning of affection, grace, satisfaction, excellence, gratitude, and sympathy. Marigolds are always given to celebrate a new baby’s birth, be worn in weddings or wedding bouquets, and celebrate Halloween Parties.

Marigold expresses warm love or a simple way of saying that you feel good and comfortable with her. These flowers are sometimes given in baskets but are most commonly used as bouquets.

  1. November: Chrysanthemum

According to Feng Shui, Chrysanthemum is believed to bring laughter and happiness to the family. In ancient culture, this flower occupies an honorable position by being used as a symbol of the sun. Chrysanthemum flowers are believed to represent the character of a person born in November.

Chrysanthemum means affection, joy, rest, beauty, optimism, abundance, wealth, friendship, and secret love. Chrysanthemum flowers symbolize long life, happiness, optimism, and loyalty. If you want to give a birthday gift to your partner, please avoid choosing yellow Chrysanthemum Flowers. It symbolizes love is belittled, so it is not appropriate as a romantic gift.

  1. December: Poinsettias

Poinsettia flowers are initially green and will turn red when entering December. In the past, this flower grew wild, but some children brought it to the church’s altar. That is why this flower is also synonymous with the festivities of Christmas.