What is Pipe Lining?

Owning a home is a wonderful thing. It gives you freedom, it gives you a place to stay, but it also gives you a new list of things that you need to do to keep things in order. Plumbing is an important part of owning a home and in older homes, there can be a huge number of plumbing related issues that might pop up. If you have older pipes that are damaged, you may need a pipe lining company to help resolve those issues.

What is Pipe Lining?

When a pipe is old or corroded it can make getting the water you need impossible. It can cause leaks, it can cause sediment to be in the water that is coming into the home, and it can cause any number of other problems. That being said, you might think that having new pipes run is the only option. Having all new piping put into a home is expensive, we are talking thousands of dollars and dozens of hours of work. If the exterior structure of your pipes is still in good shape, however, you can use a technology called pipe lining to help restore your pipes for a fraction of the price.

So, what is pipe lining? Think of it as a pipe inside of a pipe. Pipe lining is the cleaning out of a pipe then installing a new pipe that is thinner inside the remaining pipe. This creates a new, stronger, leak-free surface inside the pipe so that normal use can be resumed. The process is simple enough, the old pipe is going to be bored out or cleaned out with a brush to remove any sediment or pieces of pipe that might obstruct the new pipe. The membrane is then slid into place and the resin that creates the new surface is going to be put into the pipe. The pipes then cure in place where they are and the process is complete.

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This is essentially making a new pipe inside the old pipe by using the old pipe pieces. It is far less expensive than having all new pipes installed, it is faster than having all new pipes installed, and it is less invasive and destructive. This type of procedure is especially helpful if you have a historic home or a home that has had a lot of work done and you do not want to tear things up to have new pipes put in. With this method, the pipes are going to be restored but there is no destruction or disturbance of the property. This is a great method if you do not want a ton of work done.

Can Any Pipe Be Lined?

Most pipes can be relined with little to no problem. When and if you do decide that lining is the way you want to go your technician and their company is going to be able to inspect your current pipes and determine if the lining is an option or if a replacement is a better choice. This is a great procedure that does help to take some of the guesswork out of getting your pipes worked on and that can help you to get your pipes back in perfect working order. Plumbing work can be super expensive and time-consuming and if pipes have to be dug up it can also be rather destructive. With the right procedure, you can have your pipes rehabilitated and you can feel better knowing that your plumbing is in good shape and that it is not going to be causing your home any more issues or causing any more damage within your home.

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