What Is Involved In Pallet Inverters Manufacturer’s Manual?

The manufacturer’s manual involves how to install, and operate safely, and maintenance guidelines associated with pallet inverters. It is a crucial brochure that allows businesses and operators to get familiar with the inverter model they bought.

Safety instructions

The pallet inverter has to be used according to safety guidelines. Never use it for other purposes than originally proposed. 


  • Activate the stop button as soon as possible in emergencies to disable the machine.
  • Fully authorized operators must control and maintain it.
  • Operate the machine within a guarded fence, when no one is around.
  • Operate with defined maximum load capacity and no more.
  • Place loads securely on the platform with edges against the fixed rear wall of the machine.
  • No one must enter the space under the machine’s body.
  • Isolate the electric supply and lock it off while performing maintenance.
  • Place chocks to avoid platforms moving, when you are performing maintenance tasks.
  • Never alter or tamper with the machine.
  • Use PPE at all times in compliance with OSHA guidelines.

There is also the product description and handling methods defined. The manufacturer even shares information about the installation process. You will need a qualified forklift driver, a certified electrician, a suitable space for machine installation, and the correct electric supply point. 

Installation process

  • The floor has to be debris and obstruction free to avoid machine placement issues.
  • Ensure there is sufficient space to accommodate the machine and gain access to the electrical panel door located at the machine’s rear side.
  • Drill the floor at 4-floor attachment points to 100 mm depth.
  • Securely tighten the supplied M20 anchor bolts on the floor to lock the machine.
  • Light barrier cables and a control panel have to be placed in the front.
  • Position guard frames in position but ensures the assembly is pre-drilled correctly.
  • Assemble the guards loosely then fit cable trays to the guards for better alignment.
  • Loosely fit M8 and M1 fasteners that connect wing guards to A-frame in their respective positions. 
  • In the recessed zone on the guard caging fit the control panel and bottom plate under it. 
  • Use the supplied ties & clips to secure cables to the cable tray.
  • Mark out each guard’s foot attachment position and drill the floor.
  • Fix the guarding securely to the floor with M12 bolts.
  • When you find the guards to be aligned, tighten the fasteners of every guard panel.
  • Fit light barriers to guards with M6 fasteners & brackets using the pre-drilled holes. The brackets will be located in a central position. 
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Power connection

  • Connect the inverter to a suitably-rated electric supply source.
  • Release the stop button on the control panel.
  • Switch on the electric isolator at the main electrical panel.
  • The guards must be aligned correctly, so check them.
  • Press the start switch on the control panel to start the pump.
  • Check for correct motor rotation, which is clockwise. If needed, change connections to reverse polarity.

The pallet inverters manual also gives instructions on how to safely start the operation the first time and control panel guidelines. Even learn how to adhere to the maintenance schedule, which is essential to preserve the performance and durability of the inverter. Follow Top Industries on Twitter to stay informed about their latest patented pallet changer or tipper sales.