What is an Automatic Drum Filling Machine

There are many industries that rely on semi-automatic, and automatic drum filling machine equipment to help package and sell their products. Some of the main industries that rely on equipment like this would be paint, coatings, chemicals and other industries that deal with packaging and selling a form of liquid. If you’re in one of these industries, or just curious about how the process works, then read on to find out some of the basics of semi-automatic and automatic drum filling machines and why quality and dependability in their manufacturing is so important.

What is a Semi-Automatic Drum Filling Machine?

In the paint and chemical industries, there comes a point where you realize that there is a huge advantage to utilizing filling systems that increase the speed and quality of your processes. This usually is done when you have drum filling equipment that is designed exactly for your purpose and processes. This leads us to the importance of a semi-automatic drum filling machine and how it fulfills these things. To start, a semi-automatic drum filling machine is different from a regular drum filling machine in that no operator needs to be present during the filling. The operator still has to initially set parameters for the filling capacity/limit as well as aligning the lance with the bung or IBC. But once those things are set, the operator simply presses the start button and the actual terminal will turn off the machine at the limit. One of the cool things about semi-automatic filling drums is the ability of the lance to automatically lift up while the filling process is happening.

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What is an Automatic Drum Filling Machine?

An automatic drum filling machine is basically an upgraded system that allows the filling station to not only meet limit and capacity settings but also find the opening to each new drum to continue the filling process. The height of the lance is automatically controlled in this scenario. With an automated drum filling machine, there is absolutely no operator interference.  it’s 100% automated, typically on a conveyor line, and uses its own set of photo eyes to help it distinguish the orientation of the drums as well as the position the lance needs to be in. It also can adjust fill values as well.

When it comes to speed and efficiency, it’s hard to beat the pros that come along with having a fully automated drum filling machine. Pallets of drums can be filled at a time while your manpower can be used in other areas.