What Are We Doing for People Living in Poverty?

In many countries worldwide, living in poverty is a pressing problem that needs a resolution within their borders. But poverty is not a problem that goes away easily. It affects millions of people worldwide. When you look at Singapore, poverty may not seem like such a problem because the issue is not as prominent in developed countries. But just because Singapore is a developing country does not mean that poverty is completely nonexistent. For example, poverty still affects hundreds of communities in Singapore. Thousands of families in Singapore do not have the necessary resources to live their daily lives.

People who cannot meet their basic needs will suffer too. Poverty can lead to a rise in criminal activity and social unrest. When developing and developed countries do not pay attention to their poverty problem, otherwise skilled or hardworking people cannot focus on giving back to society and contributing to their community. Poverty is also the root cause of higher illness rates because poor families do not have access to medical care.

What are we doing to combat poverty?

Good thing the Singaporean government has programmes to address the urban poor in Singapore. They provide housing and financial aid to the poorest 20% of the population. In Singapore, the poverty line may not be measured, but the lowest-income households are monitored. They also create other programmes to address poverty, such as house building. Because poverty can spill over from families to entire communities, everyone is affected by it regardless of financial viability and personal health. We should be concerned when a portion of a growing population lives in poverty.

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But just because the Singapore government takes measures to combat poverty does not mean we should be complacent. We have a long way to go before our solutions to poverty can alleviate it. While we might not see true solutions in our lifetimes, we should try to address some of the symptoms associated with poverty. Some might despair and think that there is no possible solution to poverty. They dismiss any efforts to unite people to end poverty.

If that were the case, grassroots and nonprofit organisations led by people taking up volunteer opportunities in Singapore would be unsuccessful in their bid to change society. And while you think they may not do much, in reality, ordinary people can do so much more than many might realise. We are more in touch with the people we help than those in powerful positions, such as the government. National and international organisations worldwide seek to address poverty in many ways. They can launch projects such as community building, seminars, soup kitchens and more to fight poverty. You might be surprised by the variety of projects that people can launch now. They can help thousands, if not millions of people worldwide escape poverty.

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