Treatment for Concussion in San Diego

After a concussion, you may suffer dizziness, headaches, and symptoms that may last for a year or longer. MindSet offers quality treatment for concussion in San Diego through personalized repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (PrTMS®) that restores brainwaves to normal.

Causes of a Concussion

A concussion refers to the mild traumatic injury to the brain that may occur when you suffer a blow to the head that may cause severe damage to your brain and skull. When your brain hits against the skull, brain cells are damaged, and nerve communication is disrupted. If you have a concussion, you may suffer a bruised brain or damage to your blood vessels.

In case of a concussion, visit a doctor for detailed evaluations. For a mild concussion, you should rule out the possibility of a skull fracture or brain swelling. If you are in San Diego, visit MindSet PrTMS for immediate assistance and long-lasting relief.

Symptoms That May Develop Due to a Concussion

In case you suffer a concussion, your symptoms may appear at the moment or delay for some hours or days. A concussion may develop into a chronic condition that could last for one or more years in due time. In a severe case, you may suffer post-concussion syndrome.

Primary symptoms of concussion include:

  •       Confusion
  •       Memory loss
  •       Headache

In some cases, your concussion is not able to knock you out. Unfortunately, you may not remember specific events that may have happened right before your injury. In some cases, you may suffer symptoms like:

  •       Dizziness
  •       Nausea
  •       Loss of balance
  •       Blurry vision
  •       Ringing in your ears
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Some patients may suffer depression, insomnia, or get more irritable.

About TMS

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a treatment using safe magnetic impulses to stimulate the electrical activity of nerves in your brain. Through TMS, your physician restores brainwave activity to normal levels to improve brain arrhythmias symptoms (disrupted nerve activity).

Electroencephalograms (EEGs) indicate that brainwave activity is affected following a concussion. In post-concussion syndrome, the abnormal nerve activity grows more persistent but can be treated through a successful TMS procedure.

Difference Between PrTMS® and TMS

PrTMS is an advanced protocol for TMS using a similar electromagnetic field in creating therapeutic magnetic pulses for the best results through a highly personalized treatment plan. MindSet has introduced vital steps for a customized TMS therapy, including:

Brainwave Analysis

The first step of your treatment involves mapping out your current brain nerve activity. At MindSet, your physician obtains an EEG through PeakLogic ComfortScan™, a wireless option producing results in less than five minutes. The generated map clearly shows specific areas affected by disrupted nerve activity that may affect your brain.

Patient Questionnaire

The next step involves completing a questionnaire to facilitate the preparation of a fully customized treatment plan. You are required to complete a questionnaire that highlights your symptoms and specific needs.

Data Evaluation by PeakLogic Software

The PeakLogic software is ideal for a detailed analysis of your brainwave map and your questionnaire information. Results generated by the software are used for creating an ideal treatment plan. Your physician can identify specific areas in your brain that require magnetic pulses to deliver long-term results.

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What to Expect During a PrTMS® Treatment?

After sitting in a comfortable chair, a TMS device is placed next to your head and adjusted to reach a precise location in your brain. Each session is scheduled for thirty minutes, while an initial therapy lasts for six to eight weeks. Your PrTMS treatments are administered for five days every week. PrTMS® exposure is repeated to produce long-term results. Your treatment is adjusted along the way to account for changes in your brainwaves.

Bottom Line

In the case of post-concussion syndrome, book an appointment online or call MindSet to receive treatment that’s customized to meet your specific needs.