Top-Level Diagnosis and Treatment for Your Personal Injury In New York

Whether you have been involved in an accident or suffered a workplace injury, you can rely on the professionalism and skills of the orthopedic surgeon, Dr. W. Gorum, MD, of Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC, conveniently located in the Midwood neighborhood in New York City. Together with his expert medical team, Dr. Gorum offers top-level diagnoses and treatments for personal injury. Suppose you get injured today in NY, don’t hesitate, schedule an appointment with a Brooklyn personal injury specialist today through mobile or book online.

What Is A Personal Injury?

A personal injury is a general term encompassing a wide range of injuries. Nevertheless, the most prevalent personal injuries include slip and fall, product defect, an auto accident, or a workplace injury.

As a no-fault injury state, in New York, personal injuries are not viewed as either party’s fault. Nonetheless, if you reach a particular injury level, you can sue under the state of personal injury law. This threshold comprises the significant disfigurement, fractured bones, and permanent loss of an organ.

Being unable to undertake your routine activities for over ninety days also meets the legal personal injury threshold. Get in touch with a licensed attorney about the legal ramifications of your personal injury. As your rehabilitation and medical care provider, it’s best to reach out to Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC for a comprehensive diagnosis of your injury. Doing this will not only speed up your recovery but also records the extent of your injury.

What Does Your Provider Do In Case You Have A Personal Injury?

At Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC, you can expect the expert medical team to evaluate your personal injury’s severity and nature. This medical procedure includes recording the injury using medical records that explain your condition. Your provider will evaluate the pain level, loss of mobility function, and other effects of your injury and then recommend the most suitable treatment plan, which might include surgery or rehabilitation, depending on the extent of your injury.

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If your lawsuit ends up in court, these medical records might be used as proof to determine the level of compensation for your personal injury suit. Therefore, it’s vital to rely on medical experts with expertise and skill with personal injury lawsuits like those of Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC.

What To Expect With A Personal Injury Exam?

Your specialist at Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC personalizes your personal exam according to your particular injury. Nonetheless, you can generally expect the practitioners to ask how the injury occurred. They ask you to explain the extent of pain you are experiencing and any loss in mobility function.

Your provider may also suggest diagnostic tests to evaluate the level of your personal injury further. These tests may incorporate a CT scan, MRI, or an X-ray. Once your comprehensive diagnosis is done, your specialists recommend a suitable plan to help relieve your symptoms and enhance full recovery.

That said, if you have suffered a personal injury, you can rely on proper diagnosis and treatments at Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC. To book your appointment, call their office or use the online scheduling tool today.