Top 5 Workplace Injuries and How You Can Prevent Them

Many workers sustain injuries while in their line of duty. Some of the injuries require little attention and a worker will get well after seeking rest and medication. For others, they are severe and life-threatening, often causing things like chronic pain. Whether you have back pain arising from extended hours of sitting at your work desk or shoulder pain due to improper posture at the workplace, you want to understand how to deal with the injury and the pain. A Middletown, DE chiropractor can help with your pain management needs to ensure you improve your quality of life and get back to your normal daily routines.

Top injuries and their causes

Overexertion, falls on the same level, bodily reaction, falls to a lower level, and being struck by objects are among the leading workplace injuries. When you do excessive lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying, holding, or throwing, it can cause injuries on shoulders, spine, hips, and other parts of the body. Bending, reaching, climbing, sitting, tripping, and slipping are examples of bodily reactions that contribute to injuries. You may stumble and fall on the floor as you walk around in the workplace, causing injuries like whiplash and ankle sprain or lower back pain.

How to reduce workplace injuries

Now that you know a thing or two about the causes of workplace injuries let us look at how to prevent them.

Seek assistance

You may want to use devices that assist you in accomplishing a particular task. If there is no device, for example, to help lift a heavy object, call for help from colleagues. Talk to your senior or supervisor about the task and let them know that you need assistance. Overexertion can occur when you use a lot of force to lift or push an object. You do not have to suffer injuries – get assistance. If you cannot afford to get help, consider using proper techniques to ensure you don’t injure yourself. Ensure you wear protective equipment.

Proper housekeeping

You need to keep your work surfaces, including floors, clean. It will help reduce injuries from falls. Make sure that your workplace is free of clutter. Use anti-slip coatings within the floors or wear anti-slip shoes to help prevent falls.

Proper placement of tools

You need to eliminate environmental factors likely to cause bodily reaction injuries like bending and slipping without falling. Certain hazards can cause injuries, for instance clutter around the workstation or tools that are improperly placed. If you can identify these hazards, you are able to avoid them. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with adequate and safe physical conditions is helpful in preventing situations likely to cause injury.

Use ladders properly

Falling to lower levels can lead to serious injuries like broken or fractured bones. It can also contribute to brain injury, spine injury, and other forms of injury. Make sure that you safely use ladders and scaffolding equipment. Ensure the equipment you use to access elevated surfaces are properly maintained and serviced.

Many people living with workplace injuries seek treatment. Some have chronic pain that is difficult to manage, and often they turn to use pills. The team of chiropractors at Pro Rehab Chiropractic & Rehabilitation helps you get back to normal with rehab therapies.