Tips for a Thoughtful and Relaxing Guest Bathroom Design


When you have guests coming to stay with you, you want your home to feel as warm and welcoming as possible. You want your guests to feel at home and comfortable, with a space they can retire to in order to relax and wind down. By taking some time to focus on your guest bathroom and ensuring it has everything they need during their stay, you can make them feel much more at home and relaxed. The following tips will help you to tick all of the boxes with your guest bathroom, to provide the perfect nights stay. 

Fresh and Bright

First things first, you want your guest bathroom to be fresh, light and bright. Just like any bathroom, you want the space to be well lit with plenty of natural light to create a fresh feel. Having a bright bathroom really helps to make the space feel cleaner and open, so be sure to open up the windows as much as possible, with additional lighting to help light up the space once the sun has gone down. Similarly, you want to incorporate bright, fresh colours to the room to help enhance the overall fresh feel and tie the room together properly. 

Unique Experience

To really wow your guests and make them feel special, you want to give them a unique experience with bathroom features that will ensure they have a wonderful stay. One of the most popular bathroom additions at the moment is the smart shower, giving you full control of your shower from your own mobile phone. This is ideal for controlling temperature, as well as being able to turn your shower on and off when you wish, before actually hopping in. Giving your guests this touch of luxury will certainly make them feel special, as well as giving them a great experience of your home. 

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Quality Towels

There is nothing better than snuggling up to a warm, high-quality towel after a shower or bath, so you want to ensure your guests have the very best. By investing in some quality towels, your guests will have the ultimate comfort and luxury, making them feel pampered and spoilt. Small considerations such as towel quality can make a huge difference in your guest’s overall stay, as even though it may not seem like a large thing to consider, it’s something they’ll notice almost instantly. 

The Essentials

By ensuring your guest bathroom has everything your guest could possibly need, you will provide them with the best overnight stay. Going the extra mile to add essential items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, a razor and even hair washing products will make your guest feel instantly at home and cared for. By ticking all the boxes, you can ensure your guest has everything they need and doesn’t have to worry about having forgotten anything or needing to borrow off you. You could even go as far as to position some body spray in there for them too, for that extra special touch.