The Nail Polish Option You Can trust On

Whether your nail polish starts to flake off two days after application, or you’ve tapped the coffee table while it wasn’t dry yet, a snag on a manicure is always annoying. No more problems thanks to these few tips which will allow you to repair your clumsiness.

Repairing a tear or scales on nail polish

With your daily activities, it is difficult to keep an impeccable nail polish: dishes, manual work, various impacts on the hands after having spent a long time to have an irreproachable manicure, it is tense to notice a trace left by a hair, a hole or chipping in her nail polish. If the problem is concentrated on 1 or 2 nails, no need to redo the job entirely. A good preparation of the nailis essential: simply ironing a coat of varnish will not give a uniform result. Start by polishing the surface of the damaged nail to reduce a thickness of varnish and deposit a new layer of holo top coat to unify the nail. This trick has a better rendering depending on the thickness and color of your varnish: the more intense the color and the thicker the material, the more the result is likely to be visible. Be sure to polish the nail well or even repeat lacquering only on the nail concerned. Remember to add a layer of top coat to protect your nail polish more durably.

Camouflage a tear on your nail polish with nail art

Very popular in recent years, nail art has become a real artistic outlet for addicts of original manicures. What if you took advantage of a tear or the presence of scales on your nail polish to embark on the adventure of nail art? With a minimum of equipment, it is possible to try out some nail creations that will allow you to hide the imperfections of your nail polish. Stickers or small rhinestones, they are very easy to apply thanks to a special glue and stick: they are the first step in nail art, because they do not present any particular difficulties. For a fresh touch, glitter helps conceal flaws on your nails. For more advanced creations, thousands of tutorials are available on the internet to make polka dots, stripes,marbling, checkerboard, animals or characters and personalize your nails in the most original way. The more you have different varnishes, the more your creations will be able to expand: the make-up shopping spree is yours, but watch your wallet.

Permanent nail polish: for long-lasting hold

Classic nail polishes have the annoying tendency to flake off easily and to withstand very little manual activity to stay intact. Thanks to new varnish formulas, it is now possible to make your manicure last beyond a month: semi-permanent and permanent varnishes revolutionize the nails of those who no longer want to have to redo their nails every two days.

If you are the type of chipping or hanging your nail polish, investing in manicure equipment can be a good solution in the long term to achieve real savings as well as a considerable time saver. They are UV lamp, special nail polish, base coat and top coat for permanent varnish, acetone remover. Even if the budget may seem high,you will appreciate not having to pay attention to your nail polish all the time. Traumatic for the nail, this operation can weaken them, hence the importance of protecting your nails with nourishing care between two manicures.