Staying in Touch With Loved Ones Across the Ocean

When people you love move overseas, it’s upsetting. You wonder if you’ll ever see them again, and you try to stay in touch even though you’re thousands of miles apart. Thankfully, staying connected has never been easier with these tips.

Mail Care Packages to Each Other

When your loved ones are having a rough time, send them a care package. Include their favorite foods, especially ones they can’t get in their current country, and throw in a few mementos from home. Add a handwritten card, and your care package is sure to make your loved ones smile. Make sure to follow all customs laws by declaring exactly what’s in the package, and work with an import agent Moseley VA if you’re worried about international mail service.

Schedule Virtual Parties

On your usual hang-out night, schedule a virtual party. Set a theme for the food or drinks, and bring everyone together using FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Zoom. Since your party can’t naturally splinter into smaller groups, plan a few party games in case the conversation becomes forced.

Plan Reunions

You can’t see your loved ones as frequently as you did when they lived near you. However, thanks to air travel, you don’t have to go years without a reunion. Start planning your trip about a year in advance so you can look for deals on plane tickets. To save money and increase your time together, stay in your loved ones’ house rather than a hotel. If visiting their country isn’t an option, choose a halfway point and go on vacation together there.

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If you foster your relationships with loved ones who live far away, your bond will grow even though you’re far apart. Don’t forget, you now have an excuse to travel internationally every year, so it’s time to celebrate, not cry.