Smart Bets You can Now Count On

You could also use the opposite technique and for example bet on the big odds (that of the underdog, not that of the favorite) and hope that it passes. You wouldn’t win often, but the few wins could make up for the many losses. Still it is necessary that the odds are large.

We also offer you the 350 euros Sbobet88 program, which is not a miracle method but rather a smart technique to take advantage of the bonuses offered by sports betting sites and earn a minimum of 350 euros

Bet online or at the local bistro?

It is commonly believed that the odds are much better on the Internet. In addition, online betting offers flexibility and speed that the bistro downstairs cannot offer you. You can easily compare the odds of different bookmakers and sites, see what your favorite tipster is saying and read the latest news on the game you want to bet on.

And finally, the most important reason: online sports betting sites offer fairly generous bonuses for registration, ranging up to 100 euros for 100 euros deposited.

Obviously, if these sites were created, it is because there is money to be made for them. Note that on average they return between 80% and 90% of the total stakes: the odds they offer are therefore calculated in real time to optimize this percentage and so that the sports betting sites come out “winner” in this process.

But you got it, to win in sports betting, it is better to bet online


For the part, if you live in here, we think any site can do the trick. But because of its seriousness and its experience, we still recommend that you bet on the site of the Française des Jeux,  Parions Sport  (which currently offers a welcome bonus of 100 euros ). In addition to its experience in the field of betting in general, the Parions Sport site offers the following advantages:

  • A welcome bonus of up to 100 euros, therefore.
  • Certain  losing bets refunded  (“Second chance”)
  • Its  application  for Smartphone is of excellent quality
  • Neat interface, perfect  for those who have never bet .

Unibet and Betclic are good too, so we recommend signing up for them as well.

Why register with several bookmakers? Quite simply to benefit from the best odds.

Parions Sport is only available in France, but here are some bookmakers if you are elsewhere:

Bonuses – withdrawal of bonuses

You have seen them everywhere. The site sports Paris try to lure you by offering bonus really well supplied. 100 euros offered on the first deposit for example. Yes it looks perfect like that an inscription and presto, 100 euros in the pocket. Unfortunately, it is not that simple.