Planets And Their Influence On Decision Making Capabilities

Planets And Their Influence On Decision Making Capabilities

From deciding what to eat for breakfast the next day to deciding on a career path, our life is full of decisions and is the result of those decisions. No matter how big or small, our life moves forward through our daily decisions. While it is a very easy job for some, it might seem like a daunting task for others. It is easy to give advice, but even those people dread making significant decisions.

According to an astrologer, the decision-making capabilities of an individual are highly dependent and influenced by their natal chart or horoscope. Astrology states that the exact positioning of the celestial bodies at the time of an individual’s birth is a deciding factor for everything in life. Everything is determined at the time of birth, whether it is the characteristics, temperament, nature, career, interests, or marriage.

As per astrology, an individual can make wise decisions if the planets and celestial bodies are in a favorable position in the natal chart. However, if there are bad planetary combinations in the natal chart, the individual is likely to dread the task and, in turn, make bad decisions.

The 1st house out of the 12 houses in the natal chart affects the decision-making potential of the individual. The science of astrology believes that if the ascendant lord is placed in the good houses, the individual will be able to make wise decisions and be clear in their thoughts. However, if the case is reversed with the ascendant lord placed in the wrong house, the individual may be hesitant and unclear about everything in life.

Bad decisions are nothing but the result of our bad deeds, and when we make wrong decisions, situations tend to become tougher for us, and we cannot help but blame fate for it. But humans don’t realize that these are the fruit of our doings.

Following are the reasons why some people find it hard to make decisions or struggle with it very often.

  • According to an astrologer, people struggle with decision-making and cannot help but feel indecisive if the 1st lord is placed in a dual sign. These people will likely go back and forth over their decisions and feel very unclear.
  • The presence of many planets in the 1st house indicates an emotional and confused individual. The energies of all planets leave the individual perplexed, making it difficult.
  • The placement of the sixth lord in the 1st house indicates that the person will make poor decisions that will make them their enemy as the results will be too bad.
  • The positioning of the eighth lord in the 1st house means that the individual will suffer from depression and may also feel suicidal.
  • The presence of the 10th lord in the 1st house suggests that the individual is practical, and it won’t be hard for them to get their way.

Below is the effect on an individual’s decision-making power when the ascendant is placed on the following planets.

  • Sun: The individual will not face any difficulty in making decisions and will be quick to do so. These people feel their best in the mornings and can manage almost everything except relationships which are a little hard for them to manage.
  • Moon: These individuals do not hesitate to make decisions and are very quick with that. They feel they are very best at night and also focus their energy on love and pleasing others. They are sensitive to other people’s feelings and hence cannot act best in crisis.
  • Mars: These individuals are considered rough and tough and do not hold back in crises. They are practical, bold, and selfish. They get the work done.
  • Mercury: These individuals are quick and practical and use humor to get things done. They are considered good with numbers but not so much with feelings or intuitions.
  • Jupiter: These individuals are the best in situations that deal with morals, values, or judgments. They are honest and like to accept reality and take practical steps to mend things.
  • Venus: These individuals stick to it once they have made a decision. They are also excellent at handling matters related to love, relationships, or marriage.
  • Saturn: These individuals face difficulty with their decision-making potential and are often perplexed when making decisions. They keep going back and forth on their decisions and do not stick to them.
  • Rahu: These individuals can be considered calculative and clever when making decisions. They are also selfish to an extent and easily adapt to any situation.
  • Ketu: These individuals are considered quite intuitive and are known to make good decisions when it comes to situations with less access to information.


If you have always struggled with decision-making, you can always turn to astrology for remedies and tips, improve your potential, and eliminate all hesitation.

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