Personalized, One-On-One, Holistic Therapy in New York

The caring, compassionate team of physical therapists at Shift Wellness offers one-on-one, individualized, holistic physical therapy in Union Square to help alleviate your pain, promote balance, and restore mobility and strength. Orthopedic physical therapy, Feldenkrais physical therapy, Pilates- or yoga-based physical therapy, post-operative physical therapy, and other therapy options are available. You can also look over each therapist’s specific areas of expertise to find one that’s right for you. Call the Shift Wellness office or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.

What is physical therapy?

Power training, range of motion exercises, and manual stimulation are used in physical therapy to help people heal from:

  • Injuries
  • Illnesses
  • Chronic pain disorders
  • Accidents
  • Surgeries

Physical therapy can help relieve pain and inflammation, improve circulation, and enhance your overall quality of life by focusing on balance, range of motion, and strength.

Physical exercise necessitates perseverance and commitment. Attend all of your appointments and closely follow your physical therapist’s guidelines to obtain the best possible results. This entails pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and overcoming obstacles, even though they seem to be unmanageable.

What To Expect During A Physical Therapy Appointment

Physical therapy appointments are never the same. Shift Wellness’s team customizes each patient’s treatment to meet their specific needs.

A physical therapy session usually starts with a variety of hands-on techniques. Your provider can prescribe soft tissue work to stretch tight muscles, joint-mobilization exercises, or manual manipulation, depending on your condition. Manual manipulation improves joint and connective tissue mobility by applying force with caution.

Patients do a set of exercises and low-level stretches after the hands-on procedure to improve their core flexibility and strength. Rehabilitation technologies can also help to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and reduce muscle spasms. Some common rehabilitation treatments include, but are not limited to, trigger point massage, OrthoBionomy, the Feldenkrais Method, electrical stimulation, Tai Chi, Pilates, yoga, ultrasound therapy, and dry needling.

Can physical therapy make you sore?

Physical therapy is not always straightforward. Your Shift Wellness therapist may drive you outside of your comfort zone to achieve optimal possible results. As a result, some tenderness and general discomfort are to be expected.

Pay attention to your physical therapist’s guidelines and take breaks as needed. Speak up and let your therapist know if you’re unable to complete a particular exercise or stretch. Physical therapy’s purpose is to heal, not to hurt.

How long should you attend physical therapy appointments?

Physical therapy is a long-term solution. It takes time for the body to repair damaged tissues and joints. You risk more injury if you hurry through the motions or try to speed up the process.

Physical therapy is carried out in steps. Some may complete it in three to six months, whereas for others, Physical therapy can take a year or more. Be positive and patient, and you’ll realize good results.

That said, schedule an appointment today at Shift Wellness to learn more about physical therapy. Call the office to talk with a member of their friendly staff, or book online.