Perfect Smiles Dentistry, the Home to Your Dental Care

Our dental system is as vital as any other part of our body, and its health is essential in our daily lives and our general well-being. Perfect Smiles Dentistry ensures they take care of your dental needs, where its main goal is providing its patients with the most advanced specialized dental care. Dr. Kavitha Gowda, DDS in Everett, WA is dedicated to putting a smile on her patients’ faces. 

With more than 17 years of experience, Dr. Gowda, with her team at Perfect Smiles Dentistry, is committed to offering dental services to patients providing them with a safe and conducive environment. They focus on services relating to general, family, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry. They don’t just treat a symptom, but they identify and fix the cause of the problem to avoid future pain.

The experienced dentists offer a personalized treatment plan ensuring that it matches your lifestyle. They are friendly people and conduct open communication with their patients. On initial visits/consultation, they discuss with you all your concerns to develop an excellent comfortable working relationship and identify and provide the best treatment plan to help you achieve your oral health goals and give you a smile you deserve.

In general dentistry, their services include oral exam, teeth cleaning, porcelain crowns, bridges, digital x-rays, fillings crowns, and family dentistry.

Cosmetic dental care includes veneers, smile makeover, teeth whitening, gummy smile, and bonding.

They also offer specialty dentistry that includes oral surgery, non-surgical oral treatment, dental implants, gum contouring, oral sedation, partial dentures, full mouth reconstruction, wedding smiles, gum treatment, and extractions, among others.

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Some of the services provided and conditions they treat are:


If your teeth are misaligned and you cannot imagine a mouth full of metal, you don’t have to worry anymore. Get your teeth aligned with the Invisalign treatment by specialist Dr. Gowda today. Call to book your appointment.

Crowns and bridges

Missing/damaged teeth does not have to be an issue for you anymore. Get your dental crowns and bridges today at the Perfect Smile Dentistry and fix your smile.


If you don’t want to lose teeth because of decay or an infection, this is the time to prevent that from happening. Call the endodontist specialist, Dr. Gowda, to get the extensive and gentle care that you deserve.

Dental implants

Smiles are part of our lives and should be beautiful. The experienced dentists at the Perfect Smile Dentistry replace missing or damaged teeth to restore your smile’s health by creating dental implants for you.  Call today to book your appointment.

Gum disease

It’s a condition that affects many people worldwide, but with proper oral hygiene habits, the situation is preventable. At Perfect Smile Dentistry, they provide the right preventive measures for gum disease and ways to eliminate its risks.

The staff at Perfect Smiles Dentistry are flexible and always ready to care for your dental emergencies at the office; they accommodate emergency and last minute appointments. Call them today to book your emergency appointment.

The clinic accepts insurance, providing exceptional services to you at your convenience. For any questions, feel free to call their office.


Smiles make you look confident and beautiful. Enhance your smile and your oral health with the experienced specialists and dentists at Perfect Smiles Dentistry. Call them today to schedule an appointment or visit their website to book your appointment online.