Parx Casino revolutionizes Pennsylvania sports betting

Since May of 2019, Pennsylvania sports betting has been fully legalized. With the new fully regulated and licensed regime, which will be overseen by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, bettors throughout the state now have the ability to safely and confidently place wagers on their favorite sporting events, virtually without limitation.

Parx casino leads the way with Pennsylvania sports betting

No operator throughout the state has garnered a more well-deserved reputation for fairness and great customer service than Parx Casino Founded in 1974, Parx has provided world-class customer service and a top-flight gaming experience to millions of customers for more than four decades. The casino has gained a reputation as being one of the most generous in the state, doing everything it can to keep its customers happy and having a good time.

Now, those decades of experience are being brought to bear on the Pennsylvania sports betting market. Parx Casino was able to roll out both its brick-and-mortar as well as its online sports betting operation within just months of legalization. Today, there’s no better place to engage in Pennsylvania sports betting then at the Parx Casino physical location or at its world-class online sportsbook, which can be easily accessed through the desktop or mobile devices of anyone who is physically present in the state of Pennsylvania.

Safety, reliability and top-flight customer service

Prior to the advent of legalized online Pennsylvania sports betting, those who wished to place wagers on their favorite games throughout the state of Pennsylvania were forced to do so with shady offshore operators, the majority of whom were in flagrant violation of multiple laws at both the state and federal level.

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By its very nature, placing bets with those who are more than willing to violate multiple laws often meant that gamblers were taking major risks with their money. One of the biggest problems that gamblers faced was simply not being paid on big wins. A casino might decide to pay somebody off and string them along on smaller bets. But like a clever pool shark, when the big money started to flow, these gamblers often found themselves high and dry, stiffed by companies against which they had no remedy.

Those days are done. With Parx Casino, gamblers are now able to place their bets with one of the most reputable gaming operators in the entire country. Parx Casino also has a physical presence in the city of Philadelphia, operating one of the largest gaming establishments in the state of Pennsylvania for more than four decades. All of this means that gamblers know that they are going to get paid without question.

On top of this, the variety of games on which people are able to wager is truly astonishing. With one of the largest physical sportsbooks in the country, Parx Casino has a 250-square-foot screen that is capable of simultaneously broadcasting up to 35 games. But this is just a tiny fraction of the games that are available to actually bet. Parx Casino’s online customers may at any time encounter literally thousands of games on which they can place wagers. Everything from the NFL to Major League Baseball to mixed martial arts is available. And those who want to place bets on out-of-the-way games, such as Division II women’s volleyball, can often even find lines available on those contests.

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 Parx Casino also offers some of the best bonuses in the business. They are currently offering a $500 free bet to all new sign-ups. This means that, especially given the excellent lines that customers can find at Parx Casino’s sportsbook, new players at the online sportsbook are virtually guaranteed to walk away big winners.

The advent of legalized gambling through sites like Parx Casino means that, finally, Pennsylvania sports bettors have world-class options at their disposal.