Participate in rummy game tournaments even at the office. Download the game on your phone now.

In India, online rummy is the most popular game among masses irrespective of their age. Its popularity had increased so much that it is now competing with globally well-known games such as Blackjack and Poker. The main reason for the huge popularity of Rummy games are the tournaments and promotions that reward almost all the players who have an account on an online portal, be it a cash or free rummy player. The best version of Rummy games is Rummy tournaments and they are a perfect match for office goers. You can easily download rummy game on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop at your office and play your favorite game whenever you get some free time.

Rummy Tournaments Are The New Office Game

It is impossible to play any offline game with your colleagues’ in-between work. Moreover, if you have a rude manager, it becomes next to impossible to even leave your desk and go for a break. So the best way to kick your boredom when you are feeling bored is to participate in Rummy tournaments. Through Rummy tournaments, you can play with all of your colleagues and stay entertained in-between work.

Rummy tournament is also the perfect platform where you can indulge yourself in healthy competition with your colleagues without them taking any offense. Moreover, you can mostly pause the tournaments depending on the portal through which you are playing. This is highly beneficial for office employees as they can pause the game anytime they want and continue again when they have some free time.


Players can also register themselves in the tournaments for free or pay a minimal registration fee and win cash prizes that are massive compared to the registration fees. The winning amount of some tournaments can go up to lakhs of rupees, something that will help you grow your savings quickly. In addition to that, if you are an expert tournament player, you can even participate in the World Rummy Tournament that comes with an insane prize pool amount. The World Rummy Tournament takes place in an exotic location and players are given free travel tickets, stays, and more. Quite a thing to rub at the face of that one particular colleague who always shows off.

This way not only you would be able to earn more money than your job that actually pays you, but participating in a rummy game is also a healthy habit. Rummy is quite an engaging game that helps you to turn your harmful smoke breaks into Rummy breaks.


Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Rummy tournaments is the best office game as it can keep you entertained even during the most boring days. You can play it on multiple devices from any corner of the world as long as you have a strong Internet connection. Rummy is also a platform for interaction, where you get to socialize with different people from around the globe. This would further help you to improve your socializing skills at the office.