Online Video Therapy Services in New York

If you continuously feel hesitant to open up about your mental and emotional health needs due to scheduling concerns, it’s time for you to consider online video therapy. Online video therapy is a moderately new concept that is gaining tremendous popularity with the current technological advancements. The Thriving Center of Psychology is offering professional and outstanding psychological treatment at the comfort of your office or home via internet-based video conferencing software. To access or consult about online video therapy in New York, call or book an appointment online with The Thriving Center of Psychology.

What Is Online Video Therapy?

Also known as teletherapy, online therapy involves providing psychological advice and support by counselors or therapists through the internet web-based video conferencing software. The psychologists provide you with similar treatment options in the inpatient setting with the same quality and individual attention as the in-office appointment. The experienced therapist at The Thriving Center of Psychology is dedicated to giving you high-quality therapy from the comfort of your convenient space.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Online Video Therapy?

Various benefits come with the use of online video therapy services as opposed to traditional office visits. Patients and physicians both save money when using telemedicine. You will save money expenses for transport and parking, and teletherapy services are often less costly than urgent care clinics. More so, it saves time, especially for patients with chronic psychological conditions that require a regular visit to the doctor’s office.  Other patients find video therapy more effective in opening up about their feelings in the comfort of their private space. Compared to in-person contact, the separation offered by video therapy reduces the personal control that is prevalent in in-office appointments. The highly skilled team of professionals at Thriving Mind Psychology is always ready to give you the best online video therapy 24/7.

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Which Conditions Can You Address Through Online Video Therapy?

There are a variety of mental health conditions that can be addressed through online video therapy.  Some of the conditions include; depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, relationship problems, and stress. Generally, online video therapy services are convenient as patients get to connect and converse with the therapist about their psychological issues. Online video therapy is also useful in giving life coaching therapeutic sessions. The Thriving Center of Psychology has highly experienced professionals using online video therapy to manage various mental health conditions.

What Do You Need for An Online Video Therapy Sessions Occur?

For an online video therapy appointment, you only require a laptop or computer with high-speed internet, a microphone, and a camera. For convenience and sound clarity, it’s essential to find a private and quiet room during the session.  You may also require to download a particular video conferencing software for online video therapy to be successful. After your initial consultation, the friendly staff at Thriving Center of Psychology gives you all the information you require to prepare for your online video therapy appointment.

To sum up, you can now address your mental and emotional issues efficiently at the comfort of your location through The Thriving Center of Psychology’s online video therapy. Their team of skilled therapists is dedicated to addressing your psychological issues, including; ADHD, anger management, anxiety, couples therapy, depression, cognitive behavioral therapy, panic disorder, trauma, sleep disorders, and others. For any of the above, call Thriving Center of Psychology or book an online consultation today.

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