Office and home automation projects are the solutions to control your home and building

Home automation is the perfect solution for controlling your home while you are away or travelling. Find at Micarta, a company that handles home and office automation projects. They have certified installers of a wide range of automation technologies and solutions (including luxury home cinemas, building management systems, AV systems, video gateway entries, and more). Do not hesitate anymore!

What is home automation?

Home automation is a system that automates a home or building, provides energy management, security, welfare, and communication services, and can be integrated through internal and external wired or wireless communication networks.

Home automation can be controlled from inside or outside the home.

This intelligent system facilitates the integrated management of various household devices: lighting, awnings and blinds, heating, air conditioning, irrigation systems, security systems, and more.

We can tell you that home automation and home automation companies contribute to improving the quality of life by making home distribution more flexible and making homes more functional by being able to develop aspects of home automation.

Home Automation, is it worth it?

Home automation has outpaced technological trends and is quickly becoming indispensable for new and existing construction.

For convenience and convenience alone, it’s worth the investment, but intelligent homes also have many other advantages.

From drastically lowering energy bills to keeping our homes safe and fully increasing their value and marketability.

Multiple functions in home automation

  • Home theatre and entertainment systems.
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting.
  • Access control and security.
  • Climate control.
  • Automatic blinds and blinds.
  • Swimming pool and automatic irrigation.
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There’s no limit to the functionality available with home automation. All you need to do is decide your goal and the best way.


Intelligent home systems make entertainment paradises.

With the push of a button from a phone or touch screen, we can reveal a hidden motorized television or complete home cinema system.

Mobile devices can control all media experiences and dim lights, shut out motorized nuances, and set the perfect temperature for watching movies.

What is a Building Management System?

Are you looking for solutions to reduce your hotel’s costs and energy use? Building owners need an efficient way to manage HVAC equipment, intelligent building devices (Internet of Things/IoT), lighting control, security, and access control in their hotels while operating with smaller teams than in the past.

Building management systems are essential for large hotels and other commercial buildings with high energy consumption and complex mechanical and electronic operations. Energy efficiency through intelligent control systems can save large buildings thousands (and sometimes millions) of dollars per year. The BMS system is at the core of every construction operation and preventive maintenance facility management strategy.

The benefits of using a building management system are not limited to the engineering team; Using a building control system can reduce utility costs, eliminate manual labour hours, increase sustainability efforts, and even increase guest reviews. In this article, we will explain the features and potential advantages of using a building management system so you can decide if a BMS is suitable for your hotel.

Building management systems are also known as building automation systems. A BMS can control lighting, HVAC, fire safety, and energy use. The BMS also has an analytics module to track usage and can be monitored in real-time.

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BMS has connections to various systems throughout your building, and one of the main advantages of BMS is that you can control these systems from a single interface. Common functions include:

  • Lighting: The BMS can turn lights on and off and track usage so you can see how much power your lighting system consumes. The BMS can tell you when a bulb needs to be replaced, and you can set a lighting schedule to automatically turn on the exterior lights at night, for example.
  • HVAC: Heating, air conditioning, and air handling systems can be controlled from the BMS. Like your lighting system, you can monitor usage and receive alerts when your HVAC system requires maintenance.
  • Security: The BMS can be integrated with your security cameras and alarm systems for real-time monitoring and management.
  • Access: Hotels have many access components, such as room keys and doors to services such as swimming pools and parking lots. The BMS can monitor activity at the access point to analyze service usage, for example, or close access automatically during closed service hours.
  • Fire Safety and Sprinkler Systems – These emergency systems can also be connected to the BMS, but only for monitoring purposes. In most buildings, fire alarm panels are still the best place to monitor the emergency use of elevators, fire doors, and ventilation systems.