Motherhood Saviour – Here’s How My Confinement Nanny Helped Me

Welcoming 2023 has never been so rewarding for me! First, I’m finally entering the new year with my little bundle of love. Great opportunities are continuously coming my way. And lastly, I have a confinement nanny in Singapore and my sweetheart to help me throughout my motherhood journey. What better way to welcome the new year than with all these blessings, right? But, of course, behind every bliss, there is pain. Before I achieved the cloud-9 feeling, I went through a horrible transition period from my pregnancy to post-delivery. Luckily, my confinement nanny was there all throughout!

If you are unfamiliar with how confinement lady in Singapore works, basically, they are there to support us, pregnant mums, during the confinement or transitioning period, especially first-timers. My confinement nanny has helped me with the following ways and services:


If you plan to hire a nanny in Singapore during your confinement period, rest assured they will help you with the daily meal prep. Although this sounds like an easy job, this actually helped me so much in replenishing my nutrients and restoring my energy. Moreover, it gave me time to focus more on my little one instead of preparing my own meal. The best thing with confinement nannies is they know which exact ingredients and recipes can give postpartum mums the essential nutrients our bodies need.


A trained confinement nanny in Singapore works wonders in ensuring your little one stays warm and satisfied too! Linda, my nanny, has helped me with everything related to daily baby care, from feeding my little bundle of joy, changing their diapers every few hours, handling them properly during bathing, burping, and many others. She also became my saviour during snoozing or napping time. With their in-depth knowledge of baby care, they can also assess health-related situations, such as checking the urine and faecal matter, caring for their hygiene, sterilising the milk bottles, and the like.

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Even after attending antenatal classes before delivery, I struggled with my breastfeeding journey. Mad thanks to my confinement lady in Singapore! She actually helped and provided me with immediate support, from guiding me on how to properly feed my baby to giving tips on nipple care and baby latching.


Postpartum recovery is a big deal for pregnant mums, whether your first time, second, or third. Since the journey drained our energy out during the nine months of holding a baby in your womb, we, mummies, should restore our energy. My confinement lady in Singapore has also helped speed up my recovery time. They assisted me with domestic chores, such as mopping, sweeping, laundry, handwashing, kitchen cleaning, and other activities that can help prevent our wounds from worsening.


Having a confinement nanny in Singapore helped me deal with my emotions too! Sometimes, I get the mum guilt, especially when I really want a good sleep but my baby is crying nonstop. Linda, my nanny, became my helping hand during these trying times.

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