How To Have Your Dream Deck When Living on a Hill

How To Have Your Dream Deck When Living on a Hill

Decks are one of the most popular add-ons for today’s homeowners. Decks provide a clean space to enjoy the fresh air, sunbathe and entertain. If your dream is to install a deck, but you live on a hill, here are several ideas to keep your plan alive.

Use Support Pedestals

One of the easiest ways to construct a deck when living on a slope is by using supports such as Bison adjustable pedestals. These pillars are easy to install and can bear weights of over a thousand pounds. This allows you to put a stable deck on uneven terrain and have it unaffected by water or freezing.

Build a Detached Deck

If you have a hill outside your backdoor but otherwise level property, consider building a detached or floating deck. Your deck doesn’t have to be attached to your house to make it beautiful and convenient. It can be built anywhere on your land and made accessible by stairs or an attractive stone walkway.

Create Multiple Levels

Another way to attack the hill problem is to have a multi-level deck built. Instead of having one large platform, construct a series of them connected by stairs. Multi-level decks are great for having one area dedicated to grilling and eating outside, and another just for sitting.

Employ the Space Over Your Garage

Many people have also used the space over their garage for a deck with a view. If you’ve got a separate garage with a flat roof, it’s the perfect spot to build a deck and avoid a hill altogether. Before you begin, have an expert assess the area for structural integrity.

If you’re dreaming of installing a deck but your property is situated on a hill, you’ve got options. By using support pedestals, building in levels or going rooftop, you’ll be enjoying your deck in no time.

Daniel Pauly