How to Choose The Right Handbag?

While shopping for a handbag, everyone must ever have this kind of question: how to choose the right handbag? Finding the right handbag is neither easy nor difficult. To help you, here are some things (according to a study by that you need to consider in choosing the right handbag in Sri Lanka.


There are dozens of types of handbags. A key to look fabulous with your handbag is by choosing a handbag shape that is opposed to your body shape. This is the simple explanation: you need balance in your look.

If your body is curvy and short, round handbags will inundate your look. There is too much curve. Meanwhile, if your body is tall and slender, you can choose a round handbag to add more curves to your look. Rectangular handbags look amazing hourglass bodies. Just look at Kim Kardashian’s look; she mostly carries rectangular handbags.

Colors and patterns

Another answer to this question ‘how to choose the right handbag?’ is by matching the handbag and your outfit. Colors and patterns are the easiest way to have a matching look. These are some formulas to find the best color and patterns for some outfits:

  • The monochromatic outfit looks good with pattern handbags and handbags with opposed color to the outfit’s color. The example is when you wear a black dress and black shoes, Cream handbags or floral white handbags will complete your look.
  • When your outfit has more than one color, match your handbag with the least color in your outfit.
  • For an outfit with patterns such as flora, ethnic, plaid, and others, just choose colored handbags without patterns. The color could the most or the least dominant color in the patterned outfit.

Another idea in choosing the color for your handbag is by matching the color of jewelry, lipstick, or eyes. When your handbag has the same color as your lipstick, people could draw their attention to your lips. Color is a really magical thing to grab and draw people’s attention.

Size and pockets

Other than the look, handbags should serve utility and comfort to their owner. People wear handbags for certain purposes. They can be to complete the look, to show off, to cover the cleavage line when stepping out of the car, to avoid handshakes, and importantly to carry things. Different purposes and occasions need to be considered in choosing the right handbags.

Small handbags such as clutches, purse, minaudiere, wristlet, and others have fewer pockets. Of course, they cannot carry many things, but they will flatter your look during formal occasions like weddings, evening dinner, etc.

Medium-sized handbags have more and wider pockets. You could carry your things and highlight your look during working, traveling, shopping and others. The handbags can be tote bags, satchels, baguette bags, and more.

Now, there should be no need to ask ‘how to choose the right handbag?’. Just consider some things above while you choose handbags. Last tips: always try on the handbags in front of a mirror before you go. Your desire might be wrong, but your look is always right.