Root canal treatment, also called endodontic therapy, is a procedure for infected teeth. If the inside of a tooth is infected, endodontic therapy can be done to remove nerves from the pulp inside the teeth. The procedure can also prevent further infections. The root canal is a part of the tooth that contains blood vessels and pulp. Because of a cavity, the enamel of the tooth may decay, exposing the pulp. The root canal can get infected, and a basic root canal procedure is about removing the pulp to prevent further pain and infection. If you need root canal treatment in Woodland Hills, you can find dental clinics online for appointments. We have shared an overview of the procedure below for help.

How Is the Root Canal Treatment Done?

The entire root canal treatment may need at least two to three sessions for completion. The first step is to remove everything inside the root canal. You will not feel anything under local anesthesia, and your doctor will create a hole to access the pulp inside. The dentist will then clean the hollow area and may use medications to decontaminate the hole. The canal will then be concealed using a special material. After root canal therapy, you wouldn’t feel anything inside the tooth anymore. Your dentist will then use a crown or filling to add to the strength. In some teeth, the root canal can be curved, delaying the time and number of sessions needed for the treatment.

Who Does Root Canal Treatment Anymore?

It is a common myth that a root canal can be extremely painful. While you may have some discomfort, some of the effects can be minimized when an experienced surgeon does the job. You may feel some pain and swelling after the treatment, and your dentist will typically recommend medications and antibiotics to accelerate the healing process.

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Things to Know

If there is considerable damage to the root canal or a deep cavity, bacteria can infect the pulp inside. The infection will eventually damage the teeth from inside, causing huge pain and discomfort. Also, an infected tooth can be prone to temperature changes, and patients often complain of pain that refuses to subside. If root canal treatment is not successful, and when necessary, an extraction is the only option.

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