Front balcony designs to get inspired from


Not everyone has balconies in their urban apartments. If you’re living in an apartment in urban India and have a balcony, you should make the most of it. Most people do not pay attention to the balcony design, thinking it is a part of the home’s exterior. However, you can design it to create a functional and appealing space where you can enjoy quality time alone or with your family. Do not worry if you have a small front balcony design. There are plenty of balcony design ideas that make use of space efficiently and turn small balconies into great seating spots. If you are not sure about how to design your front balcony design, here are a few balcony design ideas you can take inspiration from: 

01 of 05 A tropical garden look 

You can give your balcony design a beautiful tropical garden look. People who like staying close to nature will love this idea. These are quite vibrant as many different colours are used. Your first priority should be to make room for your plants. There are many different plants you can choose for your tropical balcony design. Date palms are one of the most popular options preferred by experts. Also, you can get small potted flower-bearing plants. They will add more bright colours to the space. Make sure you complement this look with multi-hued tiles on the floor. It will make the space more lively.

While adding various types of plants to your balcony design, you should consider adding a few potted herbs as well. This is because you will be able to use them while cooking. Also, the herbs will spread a beautiful woody fragrance to the rest of your home.

02 of 05 A front balcony design at the entrance of your home 

Some people do not have conventional balconies in their homes. People living on the ground floor can have a balcony at the entrance of the home. Or, there could be an open space at the entrance that can be turned into a balcony. This will prove to be very beneficial because you can turn it into a seating space where your visitors can wait. You only have to add a few necessary outdoor furniture pieces and decorations to turn the space completely. Just make sure you pay attention to aesthetic appeal as this is the first room your visitors will see. Also, you must choose outdoor furniture designs that complement the rest of your home decor. 

03 of 05 Get a swing for the balcony 

If you want to create a balcony where you can relax and spend some lazy time, you should design it accordingly. A nice trick to add more comfort to your balcony design would be to install a swing. A swing will definitely add a more cosy feel to the space. There are various types of swings available in the market. You can choose any type depending on your preferences. While some allow you to sit and swing, others have enough room for you to lie down. Make sure you throw a few blankets and cushions for added comfort. 

One important factor you must keep in mind while choosing the swing is that it will stay outdoors and be exposed to the sun and harsh weather conditions. Hence, the swing can damage easily if it is not durable and made of weather-resistant material.

04 of 05 A warm and cosy balcony design 

Do you want to just sit on the balcony in the evenings and enjoy sunsets? It can be a very relaxing experience during the colder months. However, the cold weather can make it a little uncomfortable. You can tackle this issue easily by adding a few warm elements to your balcony design. For instance, you can set a few warm blankets and plush cushions by the sofa. Further, adding a rug on the floor will help to keep your feet warm. Whenever you feel cold, you can just curl up in them and enjoy the outdoors. 

05 of 05 Introduce artwork to your front balcony design 

When the interiors of your home feel boring, you can easily give it an upgrade by adding artwork. They are perfect for making any space more elegant and sophisticated. Hence, you can elevate the aesthetic beauty of your front balcony design by adding them. However, do not buy artwork randomly. Look for options that will complement the theme of your balcony. For instance, if you have a modern balcony design, you can use abstract art. This will help to create a more appealing font balcony design. Just make sure that the option you are choosing is made of materials that will not damage when kept outdoors. Otherwise, it might start showing signs of damage very early.