Five Tips for Making Better Decisions the First Time and Every Time

“Decision making” is a game of mind. All you need to have the alertness and clarity of your goals. Sometimes, even after analyzing all the conditions, you may end up taking the wrong decision. What can you do in this situation? Just sit back and relax, give yourself peace of mind, and start the process again. Start from scratch, and scrutinize where things went wrong. After two to three wrong attempts, you may come up with flying colors and can note the drastic improvement in your decision. Practice persistence and show the world what wonders you can do.

Talking about Better Decision making, a person from whom inspiration can be taken is Nick Gamache Ottawa. Nick Gamache is an accomplished journalist and communications professional with over 15 years of experience in the broadcasting industry.

Making a decision is among the most effective functions for inspiring confidence in leaders and supervisors. Yet many supervisors and managers are squeamish about it. To steer clear of pining over what to do and what to skip, it can help learn how to make better decisions. You’re going to be seen as a much better leader and get far better outcomes overall. Here are five tips for producing faster, more calculated decisions:

Don’t be a Perfectionist:

No one on this planet is perfect. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Embrace your power and work on your grey areas.

You take hundreds of decisions in a single day, maybe ten percent of the decision goes wrong, no worries, life is a journey full of happiness and sorrows. But, what if 50% of the decisions go wrong? There is some problem in your decision making. Find out the problem and start working on it.

Never expect your every decision will bring a positive outcome. Everyone makes a mistake.

Don’t be a problem-solver, be a Good Decision-maker:

Don’t consider every situation a problem. Enjoy your work. Decision making is a blend of your gut feeling and analysis. Sometimes gut feelings speak.

Let’s say, you want to choose the tool for your company. Here, you will analyze the whole nine yards before selecting the one. Here your gut feeling will not work rather analytical power.

A decision can solve a problem, but not every problem can be solved by making a decision. Instead, decision making often relies more on intuition than analysis, says Scott Halford, an expert speaker and author of the bestselling book, Be a Shortcut: The Secret Fast Track to Business Success.

Never blame others for your Mistake:

Learn to admit your mistake, you will feel motivated and encouraged. Hold yourself accountable for every success or failure.

Admitting mistakes is a necessary part of the self-improvement. Blaming others will create a negative environment. Be a role model for others. When you start working on your mistakes and start rectifying your errors, people will not only appreciate your efforts but they start to learn from you.

Be Free-Spirited:

Many times people are reluctant to ask questions, they live in confusion. Why? Many people are shy but many have in their mind that what others will think about them. Are they asking the silly questions?

Eliminate this thinking from your mind. Imagine the joy of success. Have a vision for your future and ask a lot of questions. Rather, open your mind and start analyzing the different scenarios. If you do not, you will have the bundles of questions that will help in better decision making.

Take Enough Time:

Better be late than shedding tears. Never make a decision in a hurry. This is one of the biggest mistakes that many people do.

Take enough time to look for every condition. It is always better to relax, have patience, and write all the details so that you can refer to it anytime in making a decision.