FAQs about online casinos

As more and more options open up for online betting, we’re seeing people become interested who hadn’t previously considered themselves to be bettors. It’s fair to say that the profile of a person who bets has changed radically in recent years. At one stage, it was considered to be something exclusively for men, usually of a certain age and upwards. In recent years, that has definitely changed. More women and younger players have begun to enjoy casinos and online sportsbooks too, and there have as a result been more options for things to bet on, as casinos and sportsbooks look to diversify their audiences.

As betting is no longer the preserve of hardened gamblers, there has consequently been an increase in the number of people who are interested in betting in their spare time. This new cohort of betting enthusiasts doesn’t have the same baked-in knowledge that the betting community had before, so there are quite reasonably many people searching casinononaams.casino for a new site to play at, who have more than a few questions waiting to be answered. Let’s deal with a few of those now.

Is it true you can be banned for winning too much?

Yes, sort of. In truth, a casino will rarely be too bothered that you’re winning a lot. Over time, they make their money back and, if you’re winning, you’ll probably come back all the more. If you’re winning so much that it seems to define statistical reason, they may suspect you of using underhand means to game the system. While they may not be able to prove this, and it may not be true, they tend to recognise patterns in the behaviour of people who are betting in an irregular way and will ban them. You can protest, but it is entirely the casino’s prerogative who they allow to bet, so you’re unlikely to change their minds.

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Why do they need so many details from me?

Some people aren’t overjoyed by the level of security information you need to give in order to bet online, up to and including sending pictures of photo ID. It’s an understandable concern, and yet there is a good reason they’re asking for it. If you bet recklessly it is possible to run up a lot of debt, and people do commit ID fraud to pose as someone else while using online services. If someone took your details and used them to bet online without your permission, you’d be furious. These requirements are a casino’s way of avoiding that, as only you should have access to the documents they are requesting.

What are wagering requirements and why do they exist?

Just about every casino bonus will come with requirements that any winnings from it must be re-bet a set number of times. If, for example, you won £20 using a casino bonus, and the wagering requirements are 35x, then you need to bet £700 before you can withdraw those funds. The reason such requirements exist is that casinos used to just let people withdraw the winnings, until some people started signing up just to get the bonus, and used it to generate winnings which they would then withdraw, never coming back to the casino again. That behaviour was a threat to the viability of bonuses, so they implemented rules to prevent bonus abuse.