ESMOND: Top Rated Repair Shop in Singapore

A Service Centre in Singapore is so prominent because of the services it renders to its customers. Co-founder Esmond Liu found a way to make use of his skills and founded ESMOND Service Centre. It is a repair shop available for almost all gadgets out there. They specialize in many things that include apple macbook repair singapore based services. With over ten years of working experience in the industry, they are legit and experts in their field. You might want to ensure how this can be possible. Well, here are a few things you can take a look at for reference.

You are a top priority.

In everything they do, ESMOND ensures that they can cater to all your requests. Their customers are one of their priorities next to giving outstanding repairs. People love how accommodating the workers in ESMOND are. More so, how expert they are when it comes to their work. Their dedicated co-founder, Mr. Liu, conducts workshops himself for his workers. It is also his technique to ensure the quality and high-end service that they can offer. Mr. Liu aims to have a profound relationship with his customers as well. Thus, people love how they assist them hand in hand.

They can fix all kinds of gadgets.

As mentioned, they can restore MacBooks and iPhones to their glory. But take note that you also cater to other gadgets with various brands. They do not only settle for iPhone products. They also repair smartphones like LG, Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, and so much more. Plus, restore laptops like Toshiba, HP, Acer, Lenovo, and the likes. Here are devices they accept to fix:

  • Apple Macs
  • Various Laptop Repairs
  • Laptops for Gaming
  • Surface Pro
  • Tablets (Android)
  • Ipads
  • Mobile Phones
  • Watch

All that they can fix for an affordable price range. Depending on the kind of issue you have, a screen replacement can only cost you 58 dollars. It cost so much less than buying a new phone. Another thing is that fixing your laptops may only cost as low as 138 dollars. It is a price that everybody can afford and avail.

They have additional services

Whenever you let ESMOND Service Centre repair any of your gadgets, there are a few things they can also offer. They have a warranty of five years. You can avail of this and talk to the workers about your agreement in the terms and conditions. Besides that, they also sell your gadgets for you. You read that right. You can sell your device. Check their website and go to additional services. Click the value my device button to see how much it cost. Lastly, they also engrave your precious gadgets. You can customize a gift for someone special at ESMOND.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can assert why ESMOND is at the top of their game. They only want what is best for their customers. With that, they can pursue and catch on to their goals. It is to provide a service that nobody will ever regret.