Enlightening Pain Management Tips

Are you suffering from any relentless pain? If you are, it would be best to seek assistance from a specialist promptly. To get adequate pain relief methods from an industry leader, contact Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine for a tailor-made solution.

About Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine

Founded by physicians, Kevin McElroy, DO and Steven Ferrer, MD, Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine offers essential diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitative solutions. The practice comprises an expert, compassionate team of practitioners who are passionate about helping you feel better. Your gifted medics provide quick diagnostic evaluations so that you can commence your treatment swiftly.

With a unique approach, the team works jointly to alleviate each patient’s pain while making you heal and prevent further suffering. For a superior multidisciplinary approach, the expert team of clinicians, therapies, and doctors work together to design your customized treatment plan. Dr. Kevin and the team offer flexible scheduling throughout the week to ensure you have access to their provider at your convenience.

Available Services

  •   Knee Pain- Knee pain can be stressful and gets in the way as you attend to your routine. Your talented physicians at Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine have vast experience in diagnostic testing and customized treatment formulae to offer you relief.
  •   Neck Pain Specialist- Dealing with neck pain is horrendous. If you experience neck pain, your expert specialists Kevin and Steven offer revolutionary solutions to liberate you from this condition and its troubles.
  •   Low Back Pain Specialist- Pain in your lower back can be discomforting and hinders your performance. If you suffer low back pain, contact the pain specialists at Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine to explore your available treatment options.
  •   Shoulder Pain Specialist- With shoulder pain, even the simplest of tasks such as styling your hair or getting something out of the fridge is near-impossible. Your pain experts at Progressive Spine and Sports provide proven successful treatment options to ease your troubles.
  •   Herniated Disc Specialist- A herniated disc may cause severe complications if not handled. Luckily, doctors, Kevin and Steven, provide highly effective treatment options absent of surgery to grant you the help you need.
  •   Neuropathy- Neuropathy is a painful condition affecting adults. If you suffer neuropathy or its symptoms, contact the pain specialists at Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine for a personalized treatment plan.
  •   Physical Therapy Specialist- Everybody deserves a faster and smoother recovery when it comes to pain. The specialists at Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine offer effective nonsurgical and non-pharmaceutical solutions therapy services at your convenience.
  •   Sports Medicine- Sports injuries have a long-term effect on keeping you away from the game you adore. Your capable team at Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine provides professional care for sports injuries such as acupuncture, stem cell injections, and osteopathic manipulation.
  •       Radiofrequency Ablation- Do you experience restless leg syndrome or leg cramps? At Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine, your specialists are skilled at offering minimally invasive treatments to relieve pain and enhance the appearance of damaged leg veins.

For any pain, it is crucial to find a prompt recovery and prevent a recurrence. Contact Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine to get a tailor-made solution from a professional.